Sea creatures that do exist

Nature sometimes have a lot of surprises. We may be faced with such bizarre forms of life on our planet, we can not even believe they really exist. Especially amazing marine life can be, because they are hidden in the depths of their few who can see or capture the photo or video. Learn about the amazing sea monsters, which can come to us only in nightmares. 1. A fish that looks like hischnik

This fry boasts a huge toothy mouth, which, of course, can have only predator. Fry kinds Neoclinus blanchardi or, as it is called, pike blennies, looks pretty scary. Prior to this sea dweller opens his mouth, his appearance is not much different from the usual appearance of fish, although he has weird wrinkled cheeks, like an old man.

Should this "dog" to open the jaws, it turns into a terrifying monster that is ready to swallow you whole. Pike blennies extremely territorial creature. Fish use their giant mouths when confronted with each other, even though their fights are somewhat similar to the collision of two parachutes. 2. Marine muholovka

It may seem that these creatures got to the bottom of the impact crater some alien planet, but they live in the world, more precisely, in the deep canyons near California. Tunicates predators are like carnivorous plants flycatchers, but live in the deep sea. They are fixed at the bottom and calm are waiting for unsuspecting prey swims close to their mouth gaping glowing. Once the production side, tunicates immediately grabs her. By learning to hunt so, these beings can not afford to be too choosy in the diet. Besides the fact that predatory tunicates look like extraterrestrial life forms, they also tend to produce offspring without mating with other individuals, producing both eggs and sperm. 3. Fish that attacks snizu

This kind of living creature Astroscopus guttatus with not very attractive appearance has been called speckled stargazer. This name is associated with some small fry with big bright eyes, but this fish is not so. Who else could count the stars? Obviously, it is the devil who is sitting on his throne somewhere in hell. Most of his life, this fish holds, buried in the mud at the bottom, looking up from the bottom of all that moving around. Moreover, she has special organs of the eyes, which may produce electrical discharges. 4. Shark, which looks like a mat polu

Looking at this creature, just could not tell whether it is a plant, or an animal, or even an inanimate object. This is actually a carpet shark, which got its name because of the similarity to the mat, but this mat has teeth and can bite painfully. 5. 7-meter ryba

Remnetel or herring King is the longest bony fish in the world. What is the length of this giant? For example, in 1996 in California, the US military was caught 7-foot remnetela, which pull out of the water proved no easy task. These giants are very rare, and most of those can be detected, already dead. Although the state of the dead monster like better than to live. Apparently, it is this creature became the prototype of the legends of the sea serpent - a terrible sea monster. 6. This sea chudovische

You've probably heard that on earth there are the giant squid, but it turned out that there are squid, which further exceed the size of a giant. In 2007, fishermen dragged on board a vessel of the vast of all known squid ever caught. The length of this monster was 10 meters, and it weighs about half a ton! Eyewitnesses said that the eyes were the size of a large plate, and if someone had the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis being prepared kalmarnye rings, each such ring would be the size of a tractor tire. People who caught the giant, had to freeze it directly on the vessel, apparently, after a bitter struggle. Since then, he is in an exhibit at the Museum of New Zealand. 7. The world's largest ryba

Luna-fish, or as it is also called fish-sun - the heaviest fish in the world. Probably a fish called fish-sun, as it likes to bask in the sun at the water surface, in part to attract birds, which feed sweetly parasites on the skin of the fish. These giant fish pose no threat to humans, it is only a plus, because such fish can easily swallow the whole person, if he wants. 8. The fish that can hodit

Do you think that the fish do not need to have the feet in water, because they are not going to roam the bottom? You are wrong! Some fish have a sort of leg. Fish family Brahionihtovye (Brachionichthyidae), which has recently found near the island of Tasmania, Australia, not only have the four "limbs" in the place where they should have fins, but they know how to move them, wandering along the bottom. This looks very funny. 9. A fish that looks like inoplanetyanin

Fish of the genus Idiakantovye often called fish-black devils because of their appearance. They live in the deep sea, which does not get sunlight. They have a special strategy of hunting: their body releases infrared light, which can only see themselves, that is, these creatures have a sort of night vision goggles, when all the other living creatures is almost blind. Interestingly, the impressive teeth are only the females of these fish, and males do not even have a well-functioning stomach. It is suggested that males are only needed in order to produce offspring, so all other organs, except sex, they do not need. 10. Shellfish, which looks like penis

It is being called a geoduck, whose name is borrowed from the Indians and means "dig deep." The body of the mollusk goes far beyond the shell and makes him look like a male organ. These molluscs are characterized in that they have an impressive longevity - 140 years or more, and can grow to a large size (up to 1, 5 kilograms or more). This mollusc is quite popular in Japanese and Chinese cuisine, where it is often eaten raw.



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