Find out if your intoxicated body: a simple test from Marva Oganyan

A simple test to check how badly clogged your colon "scum" from eating unnatural food.

Take 1/2 Cup of fresh beetroot juice. If after this, the urine you will turn beet color, it means that the mucous membranes have ceased to carry out his functions. And if the beet juice urine stains, then it is also easy through these walls to penetrate and toxins circulating throughout the body.

The important point is that the thickness of the walls of the colon mostly 1-2 mm. Therefore, through this very thin wall into the abdominal cavity easily penetrate toxic attacks, poisoning closely lying organs: liver, kidneys, sex organs and so on.

In the process of the wrong foods, mostly starchy and boiled food, devoid of vitamins and mineral elements (potato, pastry of fine flour, sprinkled with oil, sugar), and mixed with a protein food (meat, sausage, cheese, eggs, milk) each such food passes through the colon and leaves on the walls of the film Cala a "scum". Accumulating in the folds of the pockets (diverticula) of the colon, from this "scum" formed by the dehydration (because there is absorbed to 95% water) fecal stones.

Both the first and second case in the large intestine processes of fermentation and putrefaction. Toxic products of these processes, together with water get into the bloodstream and cause a phenomenon called "intestinal endointoxication".

Severe endointoxication can develop if three conditions are met:

  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • refined food, mostly oily food with sharp insufficiency of vegetables, greens and fruits;
  • neuro-emotional overload, frequent stresses.
Usually by the age of forty the large intestine is heavily clogged fecal stones. It stretches, deforms, compresses and displaces from their places other abdominal organs. These bodies are immersed in the fecal bag. About any normal work of these bodies cannot be considered.


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