Marva Oganyan: purity of body — that's true health

Interview with M. V. Ohanian, chief of the Kuban district hospitals, published in the newspaper "Absheron work" 13 may 1988

M. V. Ohanyan refused certain foods for patients preferring medication detoxification, fasting and special way diet. The leadership of the medical center district, ordered the doctor to stop your treatment method and treat patients as necessary. Marv Wharekawa obeyed, but did not abandoned the desire to fight for their idea. This was caused by her visit to the office. At the request of M. V. Ohanyan interview with her published in the newspaper today.

- Marv Wharekawa you against drugs?
— What is the medication in our age of ubiquitous chemicals used in industry, agriculture, and General chemical contamination of the environment? The medication is a chemical pollution of the internal environment of the body.
- But can we be cured without medication?
— Of course, there are States, where medicines are needed, but they are much less than we used to think. Alas, it became commonplace for any reason to swallow pills. Headache pill temperature pill intestinal upset too. And I think if we're in a time when we have all these troubles, why are they? Why headache, why did the temperature, why the diarrhea? Not all will be blamed on the cold or weather. Maybe the cause of our illnesses to contamination of tissues with products of metabolism, which were to be derived, but stayed in our internal environment. There is not a day or two, and for all the years that we lived in the world. And the more these years, the more toxins have accumulated, subject to the removal, but delayed for various reasons: a little moved, a little bad breathed, ate a lot of...

- And what kind of pollution do you mean? Where is it?
— Yes, just — from the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food that you eat. We know that before the meal to wash hands, rinse vegetables and fruits — they are microbes. It's like bathing, washing dishes, washing clothes, necessary elements of environmental hygiene. But other than that there is hygiene of the internal environment, to observe that even more necessary. In fact, besides germs, there are chemical pollution of air and water, but those same fruits and vegetables, meat and bread that doesn't wash out. But if we have too long not doing that silent language tells us the nature, she, as a mother, derived from patience, punishes us quite sensitive "slap", and we get sick: sore throat, runny nose, cough. It's all good, it is cleansing of the body, just in a compulsory form. But if we remain disobedient children and continue rooting (i.e., cleared), to pollute themselves with drugs and food, following the first "slaps" followed by more stringent measures of "punishment", but rather consequences of our own wrong actions — asthma, pneumonia, heart attack, inflamed liver, gall stones, kidney... We are looking for salvation in the new rounds of drug treatment (now in hospital) in the surgeon's knife. The final gloomy at best — a chronic disease in 40-50 years.

- What, in your opinion, to do?
— You can try to clean your body, its internal environment, when sick for the first time or even still did not get sick at all. "Take care of the dress again, and honor of his youth", I would add: and health from birth. When we treat or are treated, by habit or some kind of unwritten rule believe that in every disease the "blame" for the body. If you are sick, then something in it is not enough, doing something wrong, so we correct the "mistakes" of the body. And isn't it better for us to learn from our body, to listen to his voice — the voice of nature, secrets which are still not open to us. Maybe if we get sick, it is necessary for the body to correct the mistakes of our lifestyle — nutrition, rest, labor. Maybe we should not interfere with our bodies to do their job — to be cleansed by vomiting, sneezing, diarrhea. Can, help the body: diarrhea and vomiting, to wash out the intestines and stomach and not to drink restorative medication. And cough and runny nose instead of nose drops it is better to strengthen these highlight in different ways (inhalation, foot baths, mustard)...
We also often forget that all our organs are connected with each other lots of links — blood vessels, nerve pathways, etc. We usually treat the body that was sick and did not even imagine that, for example, colon cleansing helps cleanse the lungs, the expectoration of sputum. Because even the ancient Indian system of methods of healing "Ayurveda" was the famous principle: do not treat the diseased organ, and to find the cause of his disease, which often lies in the intestines and liver and then in kidneys.

- What you see is a real help to a sick body?
— It is to give him the opportunity to handle. But you need to create the best conditions, that is, at least not to contaminate the body when the cleansing process. The patient should be placed in a clean environment: clean air, clean water for washing the fabrics and temporary rest from having to digest food. And see what we are making a bunch of pills and injections, is reached much faster, in 3-6 days and a more enjoyable way. But it is the child or young person if the disease is not chronic, not causing more damage to the structure of organs.

- And if such violation is?
In this case, remembering that our bodies are created by nature with a large "margin of safety", again, you need to give them the opportunity to recover, but this process will take longer with better compliance with the recovery diet, breathing, relaxation.

- How exactly does this perform?
— Start with cleansing the stomach, intestines and liver as the organs that stand in the way of everything we outside you enter in your internal environment. For easy — clean air, so this treatment should be carried out outside of the city. It is best to drink saline laxative (Epsom salt) or castor oil (if there is damage to the lining of the stomach or intestines in the form of ulcerative processes). 12 hours is flushing the colon with warm water and add a teaspoon of baking soda or infusion of herbs (chamomile, thyme, St. John's wort, yarrow). Such washing need to be repeated every other day (sometimes daily) from 3 to 10-12 times depending on age and duration of the disease.
If the purification lasts longer than 5 days, be sure to the supervision of a physician, who will be able to adjust this process depending on the condition of the patient. From 3 to 5 days, you can clean yourself better during the holidays, holidays are important and sufficient rest is up to 7-10 hours of being on the air.
Now it is important in the process of cleaning is not dirty, that is, to abstain from food. Yet we should not forget about the most important organ for the allocation of kidneys. So you need to drink enough pure water (2-3 liters), infused with medicinal herbs that have choleretic, diuretic, expectorant. Very useful to add to this infusion of natural flower honey, which enhances the cleansing process and delivers excellent food to the body (because at this time we don't eat!). Obesity med do not have to add enough subcutaneous fat — first-class nutrients, rich in vitamins.
Next leather. This "second liver", "third lung" and "third kidney". Because need daily washing of the body with warm water without soap.
This cleansing process can last 7, 15, 20, 35, 42 days — the patient's condition, its real possibilities. While the body clears its internal environment, restores the impaired functions at the expense of internal reserves.

- What can be cured as a result of this method?
— Hypertension in the initial stage, the impaired kidneys and liver, allergic conditions, inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract. If you really try to make an effort (with repeated courses during the year) — osteochondrosis of spine, some disorders of the endocrine glands, and many others.
I want to add: purity of body — that's true health! published

Interviewed By L. Anisota

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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