Marv Ohanian: How to improve the condition of your body and increase flexibility

Elasticity – a measure of health of biological systems in General. How to improve the condition of the tissues of your body and increase flexibility? Guru of naturopathy, a biochemist, is the author of numerous books on health Marva Oganyan told, what natural methods help to improve flexibility.

If you do not bend, it's time to clean up. When properly carried out the cleansing of the body and following the living food your body visibly rejuvenated. Remove all unnecessary things from the diet. The best food for man – energy-rich:

  • fresh fruit,
  • vegetables
  • roots,
  • greens.
Talking about the increase in tissue elasticity separately from the General health within a utopia. To clean the vessels or the joints is the wrong approach to the body. You need to improve the overall level of health. You don't have to add anything in itself, it is necessary to go backwards – to remove from itself all superfluous. Clean and healthy tissue become elastic and movable.

Colon cleanse


It is necessary to start any recovery. Often, classic enema is enough to cure a serious illness. Systemic cleansing of the bowel will free the walls of the esophagus from toxic sediments. The toxins will cease to poison your body, and nutrients are absorbed into the blood far more effective. Your tissue, after bowel cleansing will begin to get enough nutrition, will respond with flexibility to the daily practice of yoga.



Peppermint, Melissa, marjoram, yarrow, chamomile, agrimony, plantain, mother and stepmother, thyme, knotweed, horsetail, Valerian root, motherwort, sage, calendula flowers, nettle.

All herbs are mixed in equal quantities.

From the total mixture 2 tablespoons brew a liter of boiling water in a glass or enamelware.

Insist 40 minutes, then strain and drink 1 Cup per day, adding to each Cup a little honey and lemon juice to taste.

This fee is good because it cleans three body systems – the respiratory, digestive and excretory and helps to normalize the metabolism.

By itself it is not a remedy, but is one of the most effective elements of a comprehensive natural treatment.


Deep cleansing of the oral cavity


Daily rinsing the mouth with vegetable oil for 10 minutes will clean not only the tongue and gums, but also your blood of toxins.

After 10 minutes rinse the oil in any case impossible to swallow: the substance is highly toxic. The oil should spit and rinse thoroughly your mouth with warm water.

Of oil pulling dissolving the dirt that forms on mucous membranes and wash it while cleansing the blood and lymph. This affects the purity of the ligaments and joints.

Remember: the most difficult toxins are released?!

Vegetable oil on an empty stomach

Force use vegetable oil on an empty stomach that it helps to cleanse the liver and increases bile excretion. The bile carries the toxins that you have absorbed the liver. The health of this body is a guarantee of purity of blood and health of the organism as a whole.

Rejection of salt


Salt – inorganic product. It is not absorbed, but only clogs blood vessels, ligaments and joints. Instead of salt we should eat raw plant foods such as vegetables, which contain ions of sodium and chlorine in an organic form. They are very rich in celery.


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The easiest and VERY effective way of cleansing the body of toxins!


All these methods are only effective with an integrated approach and subsequent maintenance of health is correct nutrition.published




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