The natural method of treatment of the body - a raw food diet


What are the most complicated and acute health problems facing solves a raw food diet?

Firstly, strengthening the immune system.
It is the primary task of any reasonable person wants to be healthy, because, as is known, a strong immune system is the foundation of good health foundations. With a really strong immune people would actually be free from all diseases.

What is the basis of a strong immune system? At the heart of a strong immune system are proceeding correctly established by the Creator of the biochemical processes. But how to handle all these complex processes of the human body, if their work is not fully understood even by the light from the medical science? Everything must take place in a natural way, in full harmony with nature, as it was originally programmed in the garden of Eden. And Adam and Eve were originally raw foodists.

Creator gave man the people to eat "every herb yielding seed, and the fruit of all the trees." Pots, pans and stoves are not given. And if a person returns to the standard initial supply switches to adequate, natural "fuel" - raw fruits, greens, vegetables - all the processes without any violence, naturally, gradually coming to normal, balanced state. The return of the original, natural state returns at the same time a man and a strong immune system.

Do you know other reliable ways to strengthen the immune system, in addition to natural, natural? I remember a 90-year-old firm, rustic grandmother said, "And I have a baby, the natural immunity. I have in my life is not a single pill has not drank and ate from their own garden! "And the main among these natural ways to strengthen the immune system is adequate nutrition human species, which is the raw food diet.

Second, the raw food diet solves the global challenge - cleansing the entire body. Could it be healthy and not hurt the body "to the brim" contaminated from the inside? It's impossible. The first and indispensable step towards the restoration of health - is the maximum cleansing of the body. There are many different methods of cleansing of organs, tissues and cells of the human body. And if there is one universal method of purification? Logic dictates that there is. What?

Let us remember that the favorite activity of our body - it is self-cleaning. If our body does not get in the way and stop him mercilessly to pollute heavy food, it immediately begins to cleanse itself. Purity (primarily internal) - the guarantee of health. Raw vegetables, herbs, fruit - beautiful natural cleaners and adsorbents.

Who has not heard that raw pumpkin and dandelion cleanses the liver, Jerusalem artichoke and purslane - pancreas, apples and pomegranates - blood, burdock and nettles - joints. The list is long. But why raw food is the best way to cleanse? Because this optimal nutritional cleansing is happening at once all the organs, systems, tissues, fluids and cells of the human body.

Also on the raw food diet cleansing takes place in a natural way, that is, gently, gently, in the correct order (the body itself sets the correct order), with a finely calibrated intensity, non-violently (as it happens in the case of purification in a medical facility). One can say that nature - the best surgeon, the best physician and gastroenterologist best

. And, thirdly, the raw food diet creates ideal conditions and prerequisites for the comprehensive self-healing. It strengthens the immune system, and thoroughly cleansed, the body now has the necessary strength to fight internal enemies, accumulated over the years of excesses and promiscuity, and begins to see the very enemy (the smoke cleared and seen friends and enemies).

Raw food begins to "shoot" is not in their (digesting due to internal reserves of the body), and on other people. And here he rises from his knees and launched a powerful natural mechanism that works and all the animals in the wild wonder of self-healing.

So, in light of the above, we can conclude that the natural, the body's natural healing method exists and it was originally conceived by the genius creator, and this method - a raw food diet.


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