10 signs that you're easy to influence

Easily influenced by other people? Tell how to recognize and overcome this deficiency.

To succeed, it is important to be able to behave well towards others. Goodwill helps to maintain a relationship and attracted to other people.

However, the line between nice and sucker very thin. If you're too kindly, that in the end will only handle other people's problems, and your interests no one will be considered. If you oposals to Express their opinion and to pursue their own goal out of fear of appearing too arrogant, selfish or rude, you belittle yourself and limit your potential.

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Here are some typical habits of people who are trying to be too nice to others to their detriment.


1. Compliance

You regularly soften or even change position because they are afraid that others do not share your true thoughts. To be successful, you must be firm in our beliefs, not be afraid to directly and clearly to Express them.

Don't try to win the approval of, the giving to others. Believe me, that is worthy of respect.

Learn new things and improve in my field to feel confident when communicating with other people.


2. Search of approval of others

Your need to constantly get the approval may bore others. Do not expect from others that they will be able to give you the esteem you need. All the time staying on the sidelines, will not achieve much. The real way to success is through faith in yourself and the willingness to devote my life to the selected target. Eighteen million eight hundred seventy two thousand six hundred eighty five

If you feel the need to get someone's approval, ask yourself: "What do I really want?". Your goals and desires are important, and if someone is going to be an inconvenience — what can you do, that's life.

The only way to get what you want — make it clear what you want and go for their goals.


3. Insincerity

If you constantly try to talk nice to others, it may be a sign of insecurity. Starting and ending conversations compliments, you can make other people feel that they are being manipulated. Such compliments are often insincere. Actually you are trying to "appease" the interlocutor to cope with the feeling of insecurity. This is a false path.

The success can be achieved only someone who takes the risk, not one who tries to please others.


4. Defensive position

Usually defensive behavior is a sign of weakness. In life you have to face the fact that people will disagree with you. If any obstacle causes a feeling of anxiety or frustration to succeed will not work. You need to learn to take criticism and not fall apart. To support you out of pity, no one will.

Criticism is a cause for development, not disorders.


5. Lie

Trying to please people, you are thereby the result of dishonesty. For example, I agree, when deep down think differently. If you're just following somebody else's point of view, nobody knows you, can evaluate your ideas and your inner world. This type of lying is caused by fear and desire to be like everyone else.

But "to be like everyone else" can only be a mediocre person.

If you want to achieve something, sometimes you need to be able to go into conflict or to say the unpleasant truth right in the face.


6. Workaholism

Sometimes its origins lie in a desperate desire to prove his worth. In the end, you will do things that absolutely do not want to, because you're afraid that you will be blamed for lack of diligence.

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When people feel that you are desperately trying to please them, they lose respect for you. Relax and do your job and let others also make a contribution. Alone to minimize the mount still will not work.

Learn to say "no" and not feel guilty. No need to assume that you do not want to do or which not to believe. What are you willing to give up, very important — it sets you apart from others. So, building boundaries, you give others to understand where their world ends and your starts, and if they of these borders not see, will be broken.


7. Silence

Whenever you do not Express your thought or opinion, do not respond to the insult, you no longer have to people the value, they begin to see through you. Do not hesitate to speak the truth.

In order to achieve something, you need to understand that sometimes conflict is inevitable. Learn to be bold and defend their own opinions, that is your right. If you are constantly hiding their point of view out of fear of being rejected, no one will ever know your true preferences. Don't compromise. Just mark what you think is right.


8. Uncertainty

Drop the habit of asking permission in the cases when not needed. It often happens when we try to look polite and respectful towards others. Unfortunately, when we cannot act according to their own discretion, we look foolish and pathetic.

Learn to be courageous and make decisions even when you are not sure. If people see a bold decision, they follow it.

To overcome the uncertainty, it is necessary to Express their opinion and not to abandon it.


9. The habit of apologizing all the time

If every sentence you start with "excuse me", people will assume that you do not respect yourself. No need to apologize for their existence. Starting a sentence with "I'm sorry, but", you precede the message by anticipation of disapproval. Learn to start a sentence: "Look!".

Be brave enough to make mistakes. What a joy to hide his identity and only try to please others? When we do, we become fake. Real people make mistakes, nobody is perfect, so it makes no sense to apologize in advance. Learn from mistakes, but for a broken two unbeaten give.


10. Timidity

It kills the motivation between you and your purpose arises fear. Timidity is a path to nowhere. The business world is harsh, and if you remain timid, you will pass less talented but more self-confident competitors.

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To move towards happiness, we need confidence. Everyone has a unique life path, and shyness transforms us from purposeful travelers, lost in search of a safe refuge of cowards. To achieve happiness and success, you need to strive for them. Go on your road and not turn.

The irony is that, trying to please others, we achieve the opposite desired results. To achieve success in any field, you need to understand who you are, what your personal beliefs.

Instead of living in constant doubt and looking for approval, try to change. Work hard, gain knowledge and go on to success. You need to be at the point where you're confident in your opinion and can respect someone else, even if it is different from yours.

If someone expresses the opposite point of view, it does not mean that he is right and you are wrong. The road to success is through understanding differences. It is in disputes with others we grow, and the great ideas and innovations are born only in discussion.

So, remember the good: the need for approval is the killer of any success.published


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