Cozy interiors of living rooms in small apartments

Today we take a look at some of the interiors living rooms, suitable for small apartments. Good design small living room – it's an elaborate composition, in which a small area harmoniously coexist upholstered furniture, work space and dining set. The simpler and shorter the selected style of the room, the easier it is to beat.

Take, for example, the interiors presented in the IKEA stores: a simple modern white furniture goes well with anything. Therefore, their ideas are often applied for registration of one-bedroom apartments.

Another thing, if the owners are thinking about more expensive furniture made of natural wood and opt for a classic warm living room interior design. Here is more attentive to the space zoning.

Anyone who believes that without a rack, screens or partitions living room OK not to share, wrong. There are more simple options, based on human characteristics of visual perception of the surrounding. For example, properly placed color accents draw the eye to the desired areas of the room, pushing other areas on the second plan. The walls are painted in alternative colors, different floor coverings can also serve as visual separators.

The group of photos below shows the interior of a small living room, done in warm monochromatic color scheme that ranges from coffee with milk to brown. The atmosphere of this room configures for a relaxing holiday. Its design has elements of Oriental culture: it can be seen in the figures and vases on the shelves, paintings, curved claw-foot tea table, orange decorative pillows.

In this photo you can see that the center of the focus of attention in this living area where is sofa. The sight of the incoming will be attracted to the bright orange details: cushions, candles, a vase and lamp. As an additional separator of the room into two zones use carpets of different texture and its own light source above the dining table.

Move on to the next living room, the interior of which there is a working area. This room seems more spacious because its basic design were used bright colors: white, cream, light green and decorated with blue, yellow and pink. This is a good example of professional work with color: bright pillow and plaid pulls attention is currently logged on myself, and elegant Desk in white color have bright Windows visually dissolves somewhere in the background.

Design living room presented on the next photo shows how you can divert attention from the black screen of the TV, if the owners don't want to make it a Central element of the room. In this case, the focus falls on a large table lamp and echoing its color scheme picture. The TV is "hidden" between the ledge shelves and a vase with flowers.

Our generation is witnessing the rapid development of digital technologies, less and less people read paper books. But to abandon the shelves and cabinets are ready not all. Many of us have no idea how to create a familiar and cozy environment without your favorite publications. The other day I was sitting in line at a government Department with one talkative old lady 84 years old, she told us that in her two-room apartment 16 racks of books. Mentally I tried to place them in his flat and realized that I had to move all the furniture.

Once a large number of books was an indicator of smartness and intelligence of the hosts, but those days are long gone. And yet a couple of cabinets with these wonderful media will not damage the interior design of the apartment, and we ourselves will be comfortable among familiar and dear to the heart of things.

My today's show would not be complete if I did not mention home textiles. Never tire of repeating that this is a real "lifesaver" owners of small apartments. If the area of the living room allows you to put decorative objects, furniture, and even the question of buying one chair is in doubt, we can always rely on textiles. Curtains, decorative pillows, blankets and bedspreads will set the right mood, will warm a cold room, expand the space, decorate the living room and create comfort. The main thing is not afraid to experiment with color, and then the result will justify all expectations.published


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