Exercises for slim and beautiful legs

1. Squats with a focus on door handle
 Goal: the buttocks, quadriceps, hamstrings.

Set a timer for 100 seconds.
Stand facing the narrow edge of the open door, legs apart, and footstool — right behind you. Take in each hand on the doorknob while his hands keep directly. Slowly count to 10, lower your body to touch the stool (but don't sit on it!). Pause again count to 10, then climb.

Repeat until you have time.

2. Do leg lifts lying on your side
 Goal: the buttocks, the outer thighs.

Set the timer to 100 seconds.

Lie on your right side, legs straighten, the head holding the right hand. Bend your right leg at the knee and put your left hand on the floor in front of him for support. Count to 10 and lift the left leg above the floor at an angle of 80 degrees. Strain the muscles of the thighs and buttocks; count to 10, remaining in this position. Then lower the leg.

Repeat until the time ends; turn over to the other side, do the same with the other leg for 100 seconds.

3. The twisting of the legs
 Objective: hamstrings, calves

Set a timer for 100 seconds.

Lock the weight in 0.5 kg on a single ankle, then stand up on your feet. Keep your hands straight and leaning forward, put both hands on the 30-inch stool, standing in front of you. Slowly count to 10, lift the weighted leg, letting the ankle to the buttock. Stop, Flex the knee and lower leg.

Repeat until the time is over; change the leg.


4. The rise of the foot
 Objective: caviar

Set the timer to 100 seconds.

Stand facing the wall, feet shoulder width apart, feet parallel. Place a rolled up towel under the foot, then lean your hands against the wall for support. Slowly count to 10, lift the feet up so that only the toes touched the towel. Stop, tighten your calves, count to 10 and slowly lower.

Repeat until you have time.published


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