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Writes Sergei Anashkevich:
Office, office, office. The place where the start and finish his career thousands of white and not white-collar workers, a place where created and crumbling destiny, a place that hate millions of the working people.
Perhaps that is why many companies are trying to make their offices unconventional, interesting, and pleasant to work ... for the visitors.
The first impressive creative offices, which I once heard, were workspaces to Google. It seems to me that it was the software giant once set the fashion to an entirely different concept of the place where he spent his best years a huge number of people.
And if the office search monster on the letter G I still somewhere ahead, the leader of the Russian search traffic - the company Yandex - kindly invited to visit their Penates now.
Today my story about the bright glass cubes among technogenic entourage walls and communications tunnels, famous pytoshnyh and bakeries, and, of course, the center of the cooperation with the British scientists of the St. Petersburg office of the company «Yandex» ...

St. Petersburg office of the famous Russian search engine located in the business center "Benoit" Piskaroyvskoye Avenue, and from the street does not look quite the usual way.
Somewhere, behind the colored glass on the floor and has several workspaces people doing searches and a lot of additional services.

At the entrance you are met by a huge sign that accurately tells you exactly where you are.
The search revealed right)

And then with a makeshift pipe, something reminiscent of the @ symbol, only deployed in the opposite direction, starting offices, meeting rooms, mini-kitchens, a gym and plenty of space, which employs 638 staff.

In the office there is no single design options. There is a wall with convex interface elements, the glass cubes negotiation, just concrete walls covered with fun signs and pointers office number

Miniature icon of 16x16 pixels has grown to two-meter giant Yandex-person

The origin of Pac-Man in one of the corridors at a loss to explain even the employees of Yandex. It is not enough that we never encountered in their service, but also made not quite in the style of the rest of the office.
Maybe it's designers have mixed and brought the decor is not the office?)

Mini clock, so that no one would forget when it's time to go home.
Although there is a standard work schedule for software companies - 24/7.

Most boring shut the XML-glass. There sit the developers

In the St. Petersburg office of Yandex focused professionals who fully provide several areas of the company - a Yandex and Yandeks.Vertikal.
In addition, it is fully developed services such as Yandeks.Nedvizhimost, Yandeks.Rabota, Yandeks.Avto and partly money, Browser, Maps and Poi.

Confuse it, at what is the room you're in, it is impossible. Sometimes the size of the letters in their names more than visible to the human eye field.
Probably not to ask, "How can I get in teh.pomeschenie?»

Tualet.Zh and smoking are located next door. Tualet.M little else)

In the office, a lot of the various negotiating and micro-spaces for privacy and work.
By the way, I pay special attention here is not the usual fashion and now the giant open-Space, when hundreds of people pore over his work in the great hall, separated by a partition.

All the micro-spaces made in different styles and in different color schemes. Some people prefer to work in a green, someone in yellow, someone in black ...

And someone among the trees and walls, which can be written

And you can do to shut down and sleep

And even though the office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at the weekend there is almost no one ...

A special story - graffiti, glass rooms and in the corridors.
Password XXX. Confess, someone has a blog)?

The same pytoshnaya. In version 4.0

The sauna is waiting ekskursantok. Amoral power at the height of

To work for the release of ...

"You have been a victim in the production? Will! »©. At least one dinosaur ate here ...

Peregovorki here all have their names. And since this is Peter, their names exclusively Petrograd

Fontanka, Kupchino, Winter, Smolny ...

Numbering offices. Office 404 for some reason can not be found. It simply is not

And you thought winter is different?

Do not tell me how to get to the library?

Just Lisy Nos.

In the office, a few small kitchen areas, where you can drink coffee or tea, eat nuts, dried apricots or cookies.
Many years ago, the guys in the office of sandwiches and other food brought his wife and mother. Now here are the rooms, which are constantly filled with food. Behind all this is followed by specially trained people - Hostess. Their eight.

For emotional unloading darts when tired has

Place for photographing himself for Instagram. They say the most popular office

Dining Yandex. It is even a projector

And another mini-dining room. Here lives a penguin ...

Tarakanov. dot. no.

The left plate I generally like. Correct sysadmin.

Without words. And so everything is clear ...

Do not swear! It is said in fact!

In these bright rooms with almost no people, I spent more than 3 hours



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