Photo-excursion around the office Yandex

Famous blogger Maxim Spiridonov went to the office of Yandex. The author writes: "We can not recall another Internet giant Web - a search engine" Yandex ". It is not public in terms of financial reporting, its shares are not traded on the stock exchange, so we can not say more or less than its market capitalization compared to Group. But one thing is certain: these two domestic companies to a fair extent the landscape and the realities of the Russian-speaking web.
Reference: "Yandex" - is a search engine and web portal, which includes a series of web services, from e-mail and payment system to the blog hosting and social networking. By the number of processed search requests "Yandex" is the seventh-largest search engine the world and one of the four, who in his language segment has not conceded leadership Google. The company has offices in several cities in Russia, Ukraine and the United States. The head office is located in Moscow.
By the way, until recently, "Yandex" had several offices in Moscow. However, since the end of last and the beginning of the year all capital divisions and units were collected in the same building on Leo Tolstoy, 16 where we're headed. "

Office Yandex visible from afar, and it is difficult not to notice:

The office occupies a large part of the business center, which is located. Directly in the yard in front of a fairly large area with parking for bicycles. In summer, the inhabitants of the office play here in a variety of games in semi.

Right there, in the yard, the horses are legendary Yandex ...

... Two statues of horses in a life-size painted patterns unthinkable:

After admiring the horses, we went to the main reception ...

... Where they got here are badges:

This attribute is required for each coming to the office by the - sort of identification mark "friend or foe". At the same time men receive badges with the inscription "I am a guest", and the fair sex - "I am a guest».

In the office, we were greeted by director of marketing services Andrey Sebrant and PR-manager Tatyana Komarova.
The first thing that we discussed: the office, where Andrew is sitting with colleagues, you can see the stars in the Kremlin. However, only through a telescope:

However, and without increasing the view from the window was good:

Over coffee, we talked about what it will look in the office. The conversation took place in one of the lounges, any set of scattered seven floors of dislocation

What we liked - in all of these rooms, in addition to coffee machines with several types of coffee, different kinds of pastries and buns, it was a lot of fruit. Different and very delicious.
By the way, recently, all the coffee machines in the "Yandex" branded

Another interesting novelty - in almost all places on the initiative of the office director of "Yandex-Ukraine" Sergei Petrenko hung maps of Ukraine. To Russian office acquainted with the geographic realities of the neighboring country
It is logical to assume that the recent emergence of these cards indicates that "Yandex" in the near future intends to pay more attention to Ukraine, where today, as you know, their position is weaker than that of Google.

We went for a walk on the floors. As I told Andrew Sebrant to create interiors attracted experienced professionals who have managed, without compromising the functionality of office space, to create a very cozy, almost homely atmosphere. I will try to highlight the main features that distinguish the office of "Yandex" from conventional offices. First of all, soft lines, the almost complete absence of right angles and fresh, positive, but not flashy colors and shades

Home atmosphere and the presence of large amounts of a kind of comfort zones, sometimes in the most unexpected places

Moreover, any employee can work not only in the workplace, and wherever he pleases

It is also an important part of forming the aura of the office is a significant amount of natural materials used in the finishing

And many houseplants literally everywhere

Moreover, it is important to note that all these flowers - real, and the system of irrigation is little know-how florists to create these green installation.
A separate show, noteworthy, according to the company's employees is that the painstaking care with which workers cleaning service regularly wipe each leaf of the many green spaces "Yandex».

But back to the history of our journey. Walking on the floors, we reached the Office of the Director of "Yandex" Arkady Volozh. As (where the day of our tour Dmitry Grishin was away), we did not find, unfortunately, the "most important" in place

After that we went on one of the balconies Yandex

By the way, here are a few of the balconies, and summer on them basic life rages. It operates office Wi-Fi, and many work here almost all day.
Now all summer attributes removed, and by variegated, diverse summer life remained, perhaps only here such chess on one of the balconies

By the way, on another balcony, we found a beautiful view on the facade of the arrow with "Yandex»

According to Andrei Sebrant, before this view was not found. So we were in a sense, the pioneers.
The next point of our trip was the biggest peregovorka "Yandex", where all the major meetings and teleconferences with offices in other cities

Speaking of peregovorkah. Many people know that they have funny names here. Each of them includes a number with the number of floors and some associative addition. For example: "Three tanker", "Four Seasons", "The Fifth Wheel" and so on. N. One of peregovorok sixth floor was spotted host of the popular podcast "Radio T" Gregory Bakunov (aka Bobuk)

On the seventh floor, in peregovorke "Seven Wonders", Head of Web search for "Yandex" Alexander Sadovsky and project manager Andrew Yaroshevskii conducted a teleconference

Separately to say about the workplace of employees. Almost all of them are designed as open-Space, but due to the unusual layout and general office interiors, they do not look like typical

By the way, it is likely that very curious interest screen with statistical calculations on the operational state of the service "Yandex Mail»

And visualization algorithm MatrixNet, deciphering which would have SEOs

But department dedicated service "Yandex-stopper." It is easily recognized by the presence of traffic lights, signaling the situation on the roads of Moscow

As you can see, the day of our tour in the capital was abnormally quiet.

In addition to the work premises, we went to the game room, which besides pool and tennis has free weights, and a number of small sports equipment

We went to the music room, equipped with a fair amount of equipment Musical

Finally, we come to the dining room on the ground floor. With payment of meals is the case: each employee is owed a certain amount per month, which, according to estimates, with a margin enough for you to eat every weekday
If an employee goes beyond the estimated amount he already pays the difference out of pocket. But the stories of working here, to go beyond these limits is difficult.

Night was falling. It was time to finish our trek. The tour made a strong impression. For me, it was another confirmation of how the sincere desire of managers to provide warmth and comfort to employees, attention to optional, but shaping the mood of the little things, eventually returning to the form of loyalty and higher productivity of each employee to ensure the company's growth as a whole.
Outside the windows bloomed colorful sunset

And this decline is certainly not a sunset "Yandex". There seems to be only the beginning.


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