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Nikolay Sotskov photographer, his pictures become unique photo of the day on Yandex has 20 times, a record number. That's what this author says ...

"In those days, when I started taking pictures with a digital" soap-box ", I encountered a problem posting photos. All somewhere to lay out your photos, share them ... Someone suggested to create an account on the "Yandex", which was done.

At some point, some of the photos began to fall in the section "Popular Photography". Then in the "Picture of the day».

I remember how surprised when I first got my dog ​​to your homepage Yandex.

I photographed him in the hot summer of 2010, when he whacked the unbearable heat, happily swimming in a pond.

Its pretty face and refreshing splashes in the frame proved to be could not be more relevant to users who are tired of the heat, and the photo has been selected in the "Photo of the Day».

People seem to have taken to liking my funny animal photo-sketchings.

Then there were the more popular, won the competition on Yandex, the next picture of the day ...

And when these photos of the day accumulated 10 pieces, I drew attention to the administration of service "Yandex.Fotki».

I was invited for a visit to personally give me the prize for another victory in the photo contest.

I happily agreed, and when I arrived, it turned out that I - the only user of the service, whose photos were able to get to the main page of Yandex so many times.

I remember when I appeared before the service command and its developers, I asked in surprise: "kaaaak !?».

They did not understand how I managed.

I could only shrug, and returned, load a stack of photos on the service and ... get into the photo of the day.

I must say that because of this I have become familiar, and the service is not everyone likes.

Many people mistakenly assumed that I was helping the team Yandex, some thought that I "bought everything." It and many other ridiculous rumors that are not worth describing.

However, my photographs went on to become popular.

Probably, because it's just a normal household sketches, that's life, the good emotions that we are lacking in our everyday life.

Sometimes both want to stop a moment in which zipped notes of warmth and love.

But no, we are concentrating on running, frowning, enthusiastic everyday bustle.

This collection of 20 photographs that have become "photo of the day" on Yandex. This may not be ideal from an artistic point of view shots, but they have emotions - they are a part of life around us ».

Source: nikonofficial.livejournal.com


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