Unique photos (20 photos)

Nikolay Sotskov photographer, his pictures become unique photo of the day on Yandex has 20 times, a record number. That's what this author says ...

"In those days, when I started taking pictures with a digital" soap-box ", I encountered a problem posting photos. All somewhere to lay out your photos, share them ... Someone suggested to create an account on the "Yandex", which was done.

At some point, some of the photos began to fall in the section "Popular Photography". Then in the "Picture of the day».

I remember how surprised when I first got my dog ​​to your homepage Yandex.

I photographed him in the hot summer of 2010, when he whacked the unbearable heat, happily swimming in a pond.

Its pretty face and refreshing splashes in the frame proved to be could not be more relevant to users who are tired of the heat, and the photo has been selected in the "Photo of the Day».


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