Yandex office at night (53 photos + a bit of text)

Travel offices were Google ...
But what about our Yandex ?! Look ...

It has everything: scooters and stilts, floor lamps, ottomans, tons of fruits and tens of thousands of soft toys, even special rooms for smoking on each floor. There is only one thing - sofas. It is made specifically to employees even went home to bed. Editorial NedoSMI at nightfall went to visit Yandex.

Office really works 24/7, ie the clock seven days a week. Time of arrival and departure of employees is not specified, work even at night, most importantly carry that demand.

We go around the building from the seventh floor. All meeting immediately begin at seven: 7 Dwarves, 7. Sky, 7. Water in the pudding. The remaining respectively another figure floor. There are also simple versions of the names on which you need to think, for example, "Seraphim».

All plants - alive. This created some complex system of automatic irrigation and drainage of excess water. Later I'll show you a piece of it.

Partitions also mimic the green grass.

Cabinet department for advertising.

There hang the old advertising Yandex.

Something after moving into the new building had not yet been hanged.

Here lives catfish Edward, who did not really want to be photographed. Famous for the fact that every month jumps out of the aquarium and lay on the floor is not known how long until it someone will see it and will not return to the water.

On the left wall mikrokollektsiya tambourines Kolmanovskii Elena, the head of the marketing department

Almost all the walls are covered with a special film, they can write if it struck a great idea. Or to express themselves.

In the office, there are two thousand employees. Assuming that each table are at least 10 toys, you get a huge figure.

Andrew Rubin, marketing manager Yandeks.Fotok. This two-thousand employee, all employees here have their own room.

Many rooms with pool table, massage chairs, tennis table ...

And even ...

- And that, in working this way, you can come play?
- And no one cares, you want - play only a job to do.

Some terrible figures Yandex.Mail

View Window Yandex Yandex

Traffic light present, burning is the color that shows Yandeks.Probki.

Such kitchens on each floor

And this is the piece of the irrigation system. «MatrixNet - do not twist the knob relevance!»

As the company moved to a new office recently, something that has not yet been completed yet. For example, a circle of glass doors replaced Postica.

5. This point is called the negotiations. There are no chairs, ottomans only.

Each post office has its own number. This is so that employees can at the moment to explain where they are. Graffiti removed in most cases can not be proved, "What are you! Here we have a formula for relevance almost in the clear written! »

For some of the strong half of the eighth of March gave a weak few hammocks.
- And are they all natural?
- Of course.
- Great idea!

And that door is sacred for every blogger. There podkruchivayut rating.

Volnukhin Anton, head of service "Blog Search", examines the trophy from last year's campaign against the closure of the top.

Bloody charts describe the blogosphere

Vyacheslav Matyuhin, one of the leading developers Yandeks.Poisk Blog. On his desk toys somehow not.

Go ahead ...

Every 2 weeks Yandex held a photo exhibition of any of the staff, followed by the auction.

They say that first Lebedev were very low prices. And then we became very high. Now he had to reduce them.

Scooters much - not because of the distance between departments decent, just so cool.


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