9-11, 2001. As it was

Interesting, but a terrible series of photographs c description of the author.

At 5:30 am singing Service, really wanted to kick him to lie a couple of hours and then go to work, but the forecast promised too good day to push knyapki in the morning in the office next to the Empire State Building. I worked then in the next dot.kome, and at work I had a persuasion that on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I can come in the afternoon, so taking a bag with the headphones, walkie-talkie and Japp, I went to the airport where I was waiting favorite N665SP, new Cessna 172SP densely packed excellent avionics, KLN-90B zhepeeskoy connected to the autopilot, and the 180-horsepower fuel-injected engine. Scratching fritters in the control room, and the sign for the plane, he went to the platform to perform preflight inspection. The sky was cloudless, so good on my freshly clearance to fly in bad weather, this day was planned a little, and I decided to move to the nearby airport of Sussex County, to twist a couple of taps from the nearest VOR. Zavёvshis with polpinka and received permission to take off, taxied to the strip and allowing the gas went to run ...

Take off from the 4th, raise the right wing, the machine lays in turn to the northwest of Lincoln Park, through the haze of the morning as the air I see the smoke from the World Trade Center Valia:

& quot; [censored]! & quot; - Said the surprised pioneers, and dramatically shifting the roll in the opposite direction, at full throttle, pepelatska trudged toward Manhattan on the morning traffic jams on I-80. On approaching the George Washington Bridge, tune the radio compass receiver to the frequency of a local news radio station 1010 WINS, and turn on the sound.

There is already full fluttering about what "small plane flew into the World Trade Center, fire brigades have already left our correspondents already on the scene," Well, these all became clear, customizable main transmitter on the frequency of 123.05 MHz, where the pilots in the visual corridor over Hudson inform each other about the whereabouts of the air, there is in principle the same thing, "Charlie, did you see the smoke? They say kontinentalovsky kommuter from Newark crashed, "Well, with these all too clearly, until he will deal, nobody Nitsche not really say. Meals on:

It becomes clear that nothing is clear. But it all looks sad. Towards a couple whizzed cession prolopotav radio something like - "oh blah, blah oh, there vaasche there vaasche!". There really started already vaasche:

Am already on the Holland Tunnel, abreast of Canal Street, I see the other side, somewhere in the 500 meters there is a "737" (at first glance), in principle there he expected, since visual approach to La Guardia passes just by the river and the fact of finding the aircraft there is absolutely not in question, well, maybe a little lower than usual, I suppose, too, would like to take a look, but no, he did not cause suspicion.

As here, breakpoint, it collapses into a bank in the southern part of the decrease in the WTC building, almost simultaneously with my pressing the shutter soap dish. [censored!] - again told the pioneers, and mechanically pressing the transmitter, said the broadcast «Fucking shit, a second plane just hit the building!». It was United Airlines Flight 175

On the plane were treated as a puppy taken by the scruff, sharp movement at great speed, he was swamped in the bank and entered right on target. I can talk all you want, about what there is at the helm sat kettles have got their skills at some school in Florida, I know these Florida schools from this skotobazy out students who are in their own laces confused on the platform, no question of the ability to enter Healthy liner to the building at a speed of 650km / h there is not even. I am confident that at the controls of the aircraft sat stern military bombers on their last job ...

It soon became clear that it was time to dump, even though the stuffed carcass. Therefore tuned to Newark tower, responsible for the sector, I quickly identified himself and asked me to take on a radar tracking. Manager in Newark were no less entranced ofuevshem than all the world, so bringing me to the coast of New Jersey, I was told - "further pursuit impossible, to choose as best you can." Poorat another pair of frequencies nearest airfields, it became clear that there will not accept, and sit it is necessary, moreover, it is desirable to the airport, not the road, otherwise nyudzhersiyskoe bychё in their pocket and then another truck dobёt as the last Soviet spy. Therefore, the only option remained Central Jersey Regional, which is already rolling out tanker to block the runway. In response to my call, radio, responded "we are closed, poshёlnah" to which followed my least censorship answer - "samposhёlnah", after which slip and decent excess landing speed I slammed pepelatsku the lane and swept past the tanker in which the sitting moron commanded by radio.

It taxied to the apron, zatasoval camera under the seat and closed the lock on a plane headed to the control room. There were already crowding around the TV natives, moaning and groaning, each predicted his version of doomsday and the coming of Christ Dzhisusa no later than right now and immediately. Realizing that to catch me watching TV is nothing, I trudged on the grass between taxiing.

It was a beautiful September morning, the sky was cloudless, and just could not see the smoke WTC blown away by the wind in the opposite direction from New Jersey. Idyll, sitting on the grass between taxiing, could not even be aware of the drama takes place in a couple of dozen miles away.
I called Mom, after a couple of attempts to get through a congested network, dials, well, there is already a standard response that could be expected from his mother, then she said that "the snow falls, all the cars on the street standing in the snow," it was the ash is blown away to Brooklyn with the burning World Trade Center. Mom warned me to close all the windows, so no nasty not inflated by the wind, and reassured her that that I have money, a lot of bank card, passport, car and even the airplane, and I'm in perfect safety. Then I trudged back to the control room, where one of the aborigines in the baseball cap he was saying that a civil engineer, and that right now, one of those buildings will collapse. I do not know whether it was necessary to be a prophet, Mohammed at the moment, but literally a second one of the buildings of the World Trade Center crumbled into dust cloud of dust and smoke ... A moment of silence, all arrived ...



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