Actors Brazilian TV series of the 2000s, then and now

We all remember the years when the Brazilian soap operas are literally chained us to the screen. In the evening, all threw their things and fled to TVs - it was a daily tradition which could disrupt only on weekends.

Website has collected images of heroes of cult TV series, the company with which we have spent more than one year. See how they look now

Murilo Benicio "Clone." - Diego (2001)

Giovanna Antonelli "Clone" - Jade (2001)

Leticia Sabatella "Clone" - Latiffa (2001)

Vera Fischer "Clone" - Yvette (2001)

Dalton Vigh "Clone" - Said (2001)

Carla Diaz "Clone" - Khadija (2001)

Débora Falabella "Clone" - Mel (2001)

Adriana Lessa "Clone" - Deuza (2001)

Carolina Dieckmann "Family Ties" - Camille (2000)

Reynaldo Reynaldo Gianecchini "Family Ties" - Ed (2000)

Susana Vieira "Mistress of Destiny" - Maria do Carmo (2004)

Ana Paula Arosio "Land of Love" - ​​Julian (1999)

Antônio Fagundes "Land of Love" - ​​Gumersindo (1999)

Preview: Rede Globo / fotos.estadao

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