On the anniversary of the International Space Station

20 via LJ user chernovv with community photo_polygon
Such was the station a year ago: 19th June 2007 View of the International Space Station aboard space shuttle Atlantis.

And so - at the very beginning of its history. 6th December 1998 shuttle Endeavour delivered the unit «Unity» (in the foreground) to the Russian bloc "Dawn" (on a background of clouds in the distance), running on the first segment of the ISS orbit.

December 4, 1998 Docking American bloc «Unity», delivered into orbit space shuttle "Endeavour» c Russian bloc "Dawn" with the help of the shuttle arm. In its cargo bay of a large-format camera installed IMAX, which makes this picture.

Stacked "Dawn" and «Unity» in free flight on 4 December 1998. The view from the space shuttle "Endeavour".

The picture of the ISS on October 11th 2000. In the coming days, the station configuration is changed. Currently station consists of blocks (left to right) «Unity», «Star," "Dawn" and the cargo ship "Progress". Expected completion of block Z1 Truss and third docking port


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