Zombie NLP - What you should know

We are programmable, and it must be admitted. Our brain is in this sense similar to the mechanism, and its response can be predicted and prejudge. Knowing the features of our brain, we can "tell" us what products to buy, who to recognize that authority, where to work, etc. It annoys us, frightens, angers, as well as the 25th frame of the advertising that is inserted into the film frame that we are not aware of, but which compels us to perform certain actions.

One of the trends of modern psychology, claiming to be the universal medicine called mysterious word NLP, or neuro-linguistic programming. Even when deciphering it looks not so clear, however, as it should be a universal remedy. Try to understand what it is. But first, let us turn to history. NLP origins are found in the 70-ies of XX century in the American town of Santa Cruz. Its founders believe Mathematics and Cybernetics Richard Bandler and John Grinder professor of linguistics.

NLP was developed with the help of a detailed study of the work of three outstanding therapists: Fritz Perls, Virginia Satir and Milton Erickson. By analyzing recordings of their work, Richard Bandler suggested that the success of the therapy depends on the particular mode of organization of speech therapist (use of pauses, certain words, raising or lowering the pitch). The question was: if there are therapists who are coping with the most difficult illnesses, find the approach to any patient, whether you can teach it to others

? Brilliant people (not only psychotherapists) is usually based on their observations and intuitions themselves are not always aware of the fact why they say or do so and not otherwise. The same intuitive findings can be seen in advertising and insurance agents, managers in companies and sales managers.

Trying to simulate the selected techniques has led to interesting results. Bandler and Grinder decided to find out how to "work" imitation. In fact, they were doing what would later be called modeling, ie the analysis of the reasons for success in any field of human activity (whether it be medicine, psychology, and so on. D.) And building up mechanisms to this success. And in the end we came to the conclusion that if there is even one person who is doing something effectively, it is possible to train everyone else. You just need to understand how.

Therefore, at the beginning of NLP courses of action engaged in research of brilliant people with the help of system analysis: the sequence of events was drawn up, from which gradually thrown away those extra steps. Happimep, shamanic method of curing the evil eye specialist NLP can be represented as follows:

1. Wash your hands.
2. Pray the Sun God.
3. Tell the patient that everything will be alright.
4. Pray the Sun God.
5. Twirl hands at a speed of 1 revolution per second, while imagining that the evil eye out through the crown of the patient in the form of a black flap.
6. Tell the customer that you are ready.

Now you need to throw out any steps in this sequence to check whether the method works. For example, if you throw out steps 1 and 2, the method still works. And if you throw out step 3, or 4, or 5, or 6 - does not work

. Consequently, the optimal model, in this case - just tell the patient that everything will be fine, the sun-god to pray, turn your hands and imagine ... and finally tell the patient that everything is ready. Note that the researcher is based on the observed phenomena, and not on their speculation about which of these steps are necessary.

Around NLP many myths, many of which are invented by the NLP specialists. Myths allow to maintain the special atmosphere of mystery, which is really easy to work with people. This also contributes to the abundance of English terms (pattern, report, presuppositions, and so on. D.), Which is not particularly explained. Sometimes it begins to seem that if all this is to say in a different way, a more clear, the system will stop working.

Now NLP - is a mechanism, including directed and making money. This is a good business, as mastery of this method is costly. For a relatively small cost of a single workshop training program is composed in such a clever way that it is necessary to pass a whole, or not start at all.

Books and manuals on NLP also published so that the authors bring the most revenue. In America, for example, purely medical use NLP engaged not so often. The main thing - it's expensive training for employees of various companies

. So what is NLP? It is believed that, in the first place, a set of techniques of effective communication, behavior manipulation. In particular, NLP teaches conducting such dialogue (both verbally and in gestures, facial expressions) to a person or group of people with whom you conduct a dialogue, we were inclined to seek agreement with you, rather than confrontation.

With the help of NLP tools can successfully pass an interview for a job. You can negotiate intelligently, and it is possible to interrogate the prisoner so that he himself confused in his testimony. You can, of being guilty, to shift the burden of guilt to the one who accuses you ...

NLP - a large set of different tools and psycho who work with the shape, ignoring the content. Specialist NLP is not interested, why it works this way and not otherwise. His task is only to understand how and apply it as a problem that he decides.

The idea is not new. Back in the late XIX - early XX century, the human psyche compared to the black box in which it is impossible to examine any processes and with certainty say that and what kind of laws is going on there. But you can observe the stimuli sent to the black box, and describe the answers to these incentives.

This is the road to take NLP. It is reflected even the theory of reflexes of Academician IP Pavlova, NLP allows professionals to focus on the difference between conditioned and unconditioned reflexes, and on the study of external stimuli that trigger this particular reflex.

It is interesting that when working with a client does not take into account the activity of the person as the driving force and one of the necessary or even the major part of the change process. The notion of the soul is considered only in terms of what incentives it more pleasant and allow you to change the person. Virtually all NLP techniques designed for use in situations where a client is not aware of changes made therein. Some methods focus exclusively on the work of the unconscious, when neither the client nor the konsyltant do not know what's going on.

The first books on NLP began with the phrase, turned to a psychologist, who will practice NLP: "The client has to be sure that you know exactly what happens to him will happen. But God forbid you yourself believe it. »

NLP The results, described in books and magazines, are impressive. Those who are afraid of even the thought of public speaking, become successful speakers. People who no one could help cope with stuttering, after two or three months of work speak without stammering. The list of possible consultations NLP specialists - and the establishment of relations in the family, and overcoming fears and learning of languages. NLP is also trying to solve the problems of artists, writers, who complain about the lack of inspiration, by fixing a conditioned reflex to the creative state.

One of the principles of NLP - this is the principle of similarity, or "mirroring connection" to another person. So, meeting with a man, we appreciate it when deciding unconsciously, "own" it, or "alien". But if you walk silently copy or interlocutor manner breathe, blink, speak or gesture, that on a subconscious level, he will accept us as his own. A second principle - it is just the neutralization of consciousness and work directly with the unconscious, which does not analyze the information, but often gives directives to carry out a particular action
. This is well illustrated by the dialogue correspondent e-newspapers and specialist NLP:
- Could you give some concrete example of NLP and its application in everyday life
? - Well ... do you agree that the tone and facial expressions are important in communicating
? -. Yes, of course
- Especially in communicating with strangers and unfamiliar people
? - Naturally ...
- Do you agree that if a person is trapped and notorious, he makes a bad impression on the interlocutor
? - Yes. I'm sure.
- Take a closer look, feel at ease ... You want to make a favorable impression on others
? - Yes ...
- Let me take you by the hand ... It you have such a soft and warm. Can I hug your waist?
- Well ... Well ... As you wish ...
- Well, here's NLP in action ... Once you have three times said "yes" in response to an innocent question, you already difficult to say "no" at a significant issue ... After all, you do not refuse me, my bird ... (Obviously, that the dialogue was interrupted due to technical reasons.)

Technician with such rapid, dramatic and mixed results very little. In advertising NLP seminars promise that you will learn to communicate with each other in their own language, to see, hear and feel what you do not notice other people become "his" for any person, and so on. D. And it attracts. Who does not want to be effective in their field and to find a common language with all!

But psychotechnics, even the best, can only remove the symptoms. They do not address the roots of the problems, moreover, they do not even try to work with them, programming your brain to ignore certain signals and forming the habit of responding to certain circumstances successful NLP concepts properly.

Many are bought on the speed and efficiency of the external NLP. But the one who refers to this method, it is necessary to know exactly what results he wants to achieve. If desires are unrealistic, while reorienting human, and he did not even notice that turned out differently. If the person does not know precisely what he wants to get it seems that the result is what it should be. But is it really so, neither you nor I will never know.

If someone decides to turn to NLP in search of freedom, wishing not to depend on other people to win their complexes, the real freedom he finds. Yes, NLP gives a person, who dreams of freedom, a certain, and sometimes a significant advantage over others.

But it is not safe for the man himself, for he becomes a hostage of certain behavioral patterns, beliefs and imperceptibly loses the freedom to which so eager. Many lose their original purpose, subject only to 'linguistic' assurances of experts.

In addition, it is no secret that any psihopraktiki - a form of the destruction of their own mental health. Multistage system of NLP training, the trainer a strong influence on the members of the group, the use of trance states lead to the fact that people who do not have a solid ground under their feet, are really starting to resemble zombies.

Among the technologies influence and NLP persuasion is one of the main places. Those who use the biting expressions, called NLP effective way to indoctrinate. In fact, NLP techniques used sect, using them for purposes of mind control, to subjugate people and manipulating them.

In the classical NLP ideology, but as ethics, were not included. NLP was created as a method. Who, how and for what purposes it will be used - depends on whether in possession, this method will be. Therefore, NLP is actively used in the constructive and destructive purposes. But it can not help but worry about the question: who is responsible for the knowledge that NLP gives his audience

? NLP centers Experts answer to this question is simple: any knowledge of any tool one can use for the benefit and harm. And then, as the person uses this knowledge depends on the values ​​with which it comes in NLP.

It turns out that for every workshop can come not quite mentally healthy person, learn how to manipulate people, and turn around a hundred without basic criteria - what is good and what is bad. The seminar does not end with the Hippocratic oath, not signed by an elementary code of ethics of the psychologist. Do what you want, you no nothing limits - because NLP does not generate its own ethical values ​​

. Great difficulties arise when people, past NLP courses, trying to immediately apply their knowledge in the treatment of others. No one can give an answer to what might eventually lead one or other psycho, how it will affect the person.

We start to think about it when these issues relate to ourselves and our loved ones when the need arises "Programme out" and we finally understand how dangerous it is. I, for example, close the idea that knowledge is transmitted to humans only when it has a clear criteria of good and evil. But NLP system is not provided.

It is known that the solution to the problem can be approached in different ways. You can search for a pill that will remove the symptoms, but you can try to learn to fight with problems and overcome them. So NLP gives tablets. One of the first popular books on neurolinguistic programming called "Frogs into Princes." She talked about the winners of the strategy, describing when and how we should talk, think and act. Every reader, using the steps described technique could join the winning strategies.

It does not take into account one thing: you can program a person to win, but his inner being will not change. All will be like a fairy tale "The Frog Princess": Calm down Ivan Tsarevich burn the frog skin and ... all lose, faced with the need to independently go all the way, trample three pairs of iron boots, etc. At the end of the way, he becomes wiser and.. really change internally. Only in this case it can be a real encounter with the Princess Frog - she's Vasilisa the Beautiful

. Any technique - it is a double edged sword. It relieves symptoms, but who knows how you behave, if the problem will go from an unexpected quarter. You're not ready for her arrival. Good words of one of the participants in the electronic conference:

"In my opinion, NLP - the proposal to use a prosthesis man with perfectly healthy arms and legs. Yes, the prosthesis magnificent, made from the best materials, the latest technology, weighs almost nothing and does not consume energy. But his own hands and feet still better! You just have to pay attention to them, and not on the prosthesis and sometimes train them, at least occasionally walk or swim. »

Recently, I was struck by the announcement of one of NLP trainings, entitled "Christmas Box", which promised to the man who came to him, the memories of the best New Years, return to some sense in his childhood. I felt sorry for those people who can not stop and remember it all by yourself. After all, this does not need to know the methods and techniques. And if all those memories a person inside, who, if not he will be able to recover them!

Or, really do not rely on specific methods or techniques, for example, to program the inspiration? Creative as always precedes something - full of impressions, the desire to share with others, express what he saw beauty ... If you manage to recreate a similar condition, the hand itself will be pulled to the easel or peru

. But if you have nothing to say and nothing to share, then there's no technique will not help. And if you get a good (or at least the original or shocking) form does not express any ideas, it is unlikely that it can be called art.

At the beginning of the XX century, the famous psychologist and psychotherapist Carl Jung wrote that the work on an important - look for and try to find your core, your "self." Existential psychology advises to contact the search for meaning: for what I want to solve this problem or for what I want and I can change. It helps to change, giving them vitality.

We are able to help themselves, and often we do not even notice as we get. When trying not to upset the family, we make an effort and smile through tears, we notice that indeed they rested, and ready to find a solution to a difficult situation, and most importantly - find the solution. When difficult moments remember something really precious and sacred to us, and it is a special feeling, the state allows to reverse the problem, deal with their shortcomings and complexes.

Intuitively, we apply the methods used by the NLP, even knowing that it psychotechnics. Чтобы понять, как справиться со своими проблемами, мы по крупицам собираем «инструкцию» к самим себе. Ребенок, который берет с собой к зубному врачу медвежонка, подаренного любимым папой, действует по схеме НЛП. Молодой человек, который хочет понравиться девушке и бессознательно подстраивается под ее дыхание, ритм, начинает употреблять такие же слова, как и она, тоже действует по модели НЛП.

У каждого человека есть способность собирать священные мгновения своей жизни, для того чтобы в минуты одиночества, грусти, растерянности обращаться к ним. Обращаться и возрождать в памяти чистые и красивые состояния и взаимоотношения, которые поднимают наше сознание над нами самими, над нашими проблемами. Это очень важно для человека, потому что такие вещи дают силу — силу жить и преодолевать трудности, силу изменяться.

Автор: Юлия Люц


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