How to understand that a person is lying?

It often happens that a liar would look carefully into the eyes in order to see your reaction to his lie. This closer look will also tell you that you are deceived. By the way, you can follow blinking. Frequent blinking will indicate that the subject does not like your opponent.

Hands and gestures also point to the lie. So, if a man always touches the face, the tip of the nose pulls the earlobe, straightens his collar or tie, settles hair or removes specks from clothes, you are lying. Such gestures can be quite a lot. We only need to observe them, because relaxed and in no way disturbed by the man not to do that. By the way, the concern person will point his hand position. If they are stuffed in pockets, arms crossed on their chest or toes concatenated — these are all signs of defensive position, which would indicate a lie.

If you don't believe that a story is true, ask the caller to repeat, but in reverse order. As it was necessary to come up with a lot of different parts, during the second retelling, they will be confused. If you soubise the truth, the retelling will not be any problems. Well during the story to pay attention to sentence structure. If a person tells a lie, his speech will be quite confusing and with errors in grammar sentences. Confusion of speech, the lack of clear answers and vague facts give you all the reason to doubt that you are telling the truth.

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