Signs that you're lying

How to recognize a liar?
"For this we need to pay attention to the speaker's facial expressions, body language and speech patterns used" -zayavlyaet Lillian Glass, a behavioral psychologist and an expert in the study of body language, which helps the FBI expose prestupnikov.

To understand a person is lying or not, you need to know how he usually is. For example, if a person has a habit of frequent blinking, it is quite possible that if he is lying, it will look at you point blank.
In his new book, "Body Language liars," Glass says of the eight major signs that a person is lying to you.
Man sharply tilts her head If you see that a person makes an involuntary movement of the head when you ask a direct question, then perhaps he is going to lie.
"For example, if a person throws his head back slightly, it tilts down or sideways," - writes Glass. "Such behavior is usually finds a liar before the answer to the question.»

Man standing still is no secret that people are starting to fidget in place when nervous, but Glass says that lying about the person also can still stand or sit.
"This may be a sign of a primitive" fight neurological "because involuntary body prepares for a possible confrontation "- says Glass. "Usually when people talk often make small movements, relaxation and usually unconscious. So if you see that man stands perfectly still, it is usually a sign that something is not right here ».

Neproivzolno touches any part of the body, for example, the liar usually touches the throat, chest, abdomen.
"I often witness such behavior in the courtroom, when I served as a consultant. When I see how the defendant involuntarily touches, for example, to your throat, it often means that the testimony of any of the witnesses, compel the accused to be nervous. »

A man touches his mouth and closes his hand "It speaks signal proving that the person vret- involuntary touch to the mouth," says Glass.
"When people touched his lips, which means that they do not want to tell the truth. »

A person becomes hard to say, "If you ever see a record of the suspect guilty, perhaps you notice that with each word he seemed to become more and more difficult to say" - says Glass. "At such times, decreased salivation, and this leads to a dryness in the throat.»
Other signals that a person may lie - it is biting the lips or closed lips.

Man looking without blinking Usually people avoid eye contact when lying, but some may deliberately look straight into the eyes to knock you astray.
Madoff, like most of the crooks are always long and staring people in the eye when lying. When people tell the truth, most look around, occasionally stopping to look at him while watching a liar cold, piercing eyes.

A man talks too much, "When a man says when talking too much information- unnecessary and with lots of detail, it is likely that he was lying. Liars often a lot of talk because they think that this apparent openness it has to people and make them believe in the above. »

Man often point to something "This often happens when a liar annoyed," says Glass. "The man is angry, because you find his lies and begins to poke a finger in the direction you or any subject."



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