The Lost World

In a place where touching the border of Kenya, Ethiopia and Sudan, on a plateau, which is separated from all sides by mountains of the world, lives a tribe Surma, being one of the most mysterious among the nations. To get to this region is very difficult, because there are practically no roads in the rainy season becomes loose soil to mush, which it is impossible to even walk.

But even in good weather, difficult to move, even hardy mules on dry trails, which in some places are rising almost ninety degrees. But members of the tribe Surma not confuse the fact that they are fenced off from civilization, they are enough of those material goods to which they are accustomed. Their delight herds of animals, some simple thatched huts, as well as the most basic things you need for your stay.

Tribesmen are proud that no masters over them that they are free to have enough land and pastures. Their children never run for tourists, begging money. Surma tribe members willing to pose for the camera lenses, but the achievements of civilization are lightly. Many tourists, in turn, dream c photographed members of this mysterious tribe.

Residents Surma cleverly paint the his body, using only two colors: orange, red and white.

Before applying the pattern aborigines dip into the water, where divorced crushed chalk. After this kind of "priming" dries up, and Surma draw the body wet finger, creating masterpieces. Red is the most in demand, it can carry out its color, women and children, and the last are not used to save, so the children of painted from head to toe.

The limit of perfection residents Surma - completely shaven head, while so go not only men but also women and children. On the head constructed intricate patterns of living and dried flowers, feathers, leaves and sticks.

But still the main feature of these Aboriginal is that twenty girls pierced lower lip, inserting a clay disk, the size of which was gradually increased. What was so great decoration, the beautiful girl was considered more valuable for it gave the ransom at marriage. In neighboring Ethiopia Mursi tribe lives with a similar traditsiey.



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