In your cell phone, there are several hidden features, which you might not know! Here are some features specifically for emergencies ...

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112 is the number that can be dialed from a mobile phone in case of emergency. It operates worldwide. Being out of range of your network in the event of an emergency you can dial 112 and the phone will search for the emergency room inside available in your area networks.

Another interesting point: this number can be dialed even if the keypad is locked, your phone. Try (just do not perform the connection).

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The keys were locked inside the car? Do you have keyless car? The following advice may someday prove useful.

Another argument in favor of the purchase of a cell phone: If the keys were inside a locked car and house have a spare key, call the cell of any of the home from his cell. Hold your cell at a distance of about 30 cm from the door of the car, while the man who is at home, pushing the unlock button on the spare key previously having brought him to his cell. Your machine will open.

A great opportunity to save time, because people do not have to carry spare you the keys. A distance in this case irrelevant. Whether you are at a distance of hundreds of kilometers even if you were able to get through to a person with a spare key, you can open the machine (or the trunk).

Editor's note: Really Works! We were able to open the car door, transmits a signal on a cell phone!

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How to block a stolen phone? To find the serial number of your cell phone, dial the following combination:

* # 06 #

You will see a code of 15 digits. This code is unique to each phone. Write it down and keep it in a safe place. If your phone is stolen, call your mobile operator and inform the code. The operator can lock your phone. Now, even if you change the SIM card, it will be impossible to use the phone. Most likely, you will not get your phone back, but at least you'll know that the person who stole your phone will not be able to use it.


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