NASA is a psychological portrait of the ideal member of the crew for the flight to Mars

first astronauts sent to Mars, which will need to be able to cope with stress, boredom, and work in a team.

The members of the first crew that will travel to Mars is likely still in school, but NASA is already studying what criteria guided the selection of future explorers of the Red Planet. The fact that they need to be physically fit and be experts in their fields - for granted. But the space agency is committed to ensuring that the people who will be sent to Mars in 20 years to meet certain psychological type. To do this, NASA has allocated University. Johns Hopkins money on research, reports

The man who will be in close proximity with three to five other people in a few years can not be introverted, demanding for a lot of personal space. Do not be that person, and the extrovert, eager to constant social interaction. He should be able to work in a team, as the crew may consist of representatives of different cultures, as is likely, the first mission to Mars will be international.

As candidates for the flight to Mars is not possible to estimate and test for university study will recruit surgeons and intensive care specialists to examine how they behave in stressful situations. The study will be complemented by a similar project, which will take them to the University. William Rice (Houston, Texas).

The dangers to be faced by the first humans on Mars - the effects of microgravity and radiation, as in the flight, so on the surface of the Red Planet

. NASA and other agencies, such as the US armed forces have studied what happens to groups of people isolated from direct contact with each other. Studying the behavior of scientists who spend months at bases in Antarctica, the crews of nuclear submarines, volunteers involved in simulate missions to Mars, and, of course, astronauts on the International Space Station helped collect the necessary information.

But the people who will fly to Mars, will be the only members of their own species. Message from the surface of Mars will go to Earth about 20 minutes, and the same back. The crew must not only be at the peak of his physical form, but psychologically stable, because for a long time they will have to deal with boredom on the way and to deal with possible cases of force majeure.



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