Protection from the evil eye: no esoterics!

What is the "evil eye"?It is known to all. Not all know and understand the mechanism of evil eye and ways to protect against it.


It is believed that the evil eye is something that makes sure bad, a stranger in pursuit of some slaves only purpose, to you. Like what grandma suspiciously looking tells about a beautiful and healthy child: "Oh, how nice", and child "suddenly" starts to hurt or happen to him other troubles.

Or you looked at someone the evil eye in public transport, and then you hurt for a long time, with temperatures "for no reason", headache, disruptions in thermoregulation of the body and other "charms".

Yes, it's the evil eye, but at the most primitive and superficial level. In fact, the causes and mechanism of targeting the "evil eye" is much "thinner" and each of us do this every day.

The evil eye is a blockage/destruction of emotional processes. And to do such blocking/destruction any person may like another person, and myself.

If you imagine a world where everyone showed their emotions the way he wanted, at the right time, with the necessary intensity, regardless of the wishes of other people. What would be this world?

Likely, each would consider themselves the "navel of the earth" and others its "slaves", and no force in nature could stop him. In this world, no relationships, no society in the form familiar to us would not exist. Everyone would be "cooked" in their own solitude, and never would intersect with other people.

A force that does not allow man to manifest his emotions as he pleases — and there is the evil eye.

And so every day each of us by himself exposed the evil eye, and the "will glasit" other people. To inhibit or destroy the emotional processes of the person.

For example, a small child demands a new toy in the store. Crying, in hysterics on the floor, drawing the attention of visitors. At this time, the child himself, and his parents are the evil eye. That is, people simply direct attention to them, saying to myself something like: "when is he gonna shut up.... what kind of mother... baby to calm down can't shut up...finally...the strength to listen." So people are trying to "influence" the child, "force" him to stop hysteria and demand, that is, to show emotions. Plus the mother of the child "Gazit" him to soothe him, to calm down.


Negative evil eye.

While the evil eye happens the subconscious effects on humans, which have aktiviziruyutsya internal conflicts. Symptoms of evil eye is a consequence of the activation of this conflict. In the example harmful grandmother the evil eye is directed not at the child, and the parents. Parents provoked an internal conflict, there is a lead that is then reflected on the child. For example, the desire for harmonious, balanced development of the child in conflict with the various fears associated with this development. And grandma just "accurately hit the target," hooking the parents on this. Reflecting the fears, the child begins to hurt, to fall, breaking limbs...

As to the appearances of the evil eye can be attributed to various "nakarkal", "don't talk to hand" dubious compliments, flattery, and outright pandering.

Here people earn a lot of money, secretly proud, but gives no sign. Fears to lose earnings, or cash, or both together. Subconscious fears are hiding deep inside, while never for a minute did not forget about them. And then some aunt for it "enjoys", say, how well you got, well done.Willy-nilly begins the conscious analysis: is it really done, and got Lee...In the end it leads to internal conflict gets out and people losing money, source of income, skills, abilities.

In fact, the evil eye is "podavlivaya" the person on the desires. And lock/destruction of these desires through internal conflict. How losing weight say "under the hand", that something turns out badly, and lost weight he is small, and generally goofs off. It provokes an internal conflict, as often the completeness people hide psychological trauma, fears, self-doubt. Usually this person eats, falls can toss half-way, especially if such "well-wishers" a lot. And people just do not have the willpower to pull myself together, I want to break this process in losing weight and to make them be as they are.

There are bad praise relations, partners, work, Hobbies, hobby.

The result is the same: relationships are falling apart, the work quickly begins to bring only a headache and hassle, Hobbies come to naught...

We can say that it is external, the active form of the evil eye.

To deal with this kind of hex can be quite simple. As a rule, people with "evil eye" do have internal conflict, which "see" in other people. They are jealous of what they have in life is not enough. Will power, abilities, skills and qualities they would like to have but don't have them. Therefore, they seek to destroy or block it in other people, hoping that in the destruction of some part will go to them.

To protect simply to mirror their behavior. They get about looks, you tell them about health, they are about health – you told them about the relationship. While they have their own internal conflict doesn't get out. Over the fact that their negative attitudes will return them back.

There is another form of the evil eye, not explicit, passive and more severe. When the evil eye is subjected not themselves desires, and plans and prospects. To jinx, a person must be privy to the inner world of his victim, more or less know her, her character, habits and habits. This is done covertly, if possible quietly and very subtly and gently that the victim did not notice, and does not recover from the "glazewski".

All sorts of unsolicited advice, warnings, admonitions, and concerns — that form the evil eye.

It usually occurs in women with their best friends, men have much less frequently. While it comes to fun, everything is fine. Friend on the mountain to each other, are in General pleasant emotional process. But should one of them appear promising relationship, the second often (but not always) starts all sorts of way to prevent this. She does this purposefully, but very carefully. Begins to give advice, strongly warns that declines to sympathy when her "left alone". By hook or by crook girlfriend trying to bite off his sphere of influence on the relationship. And the impact it would have on relationships in the future – is a passive form of evil eye.

Goal – to destroy the emotional processes of the girlfriend in this relationship, as in a harmonious relationship of his girlfriend with a man she's not interested, because then it would not be necessary. But at the same time her "good" advice must not lead to the collapse of the relationship because in the future she will not listen. But "keep in suspense" guy friends will, as it has the full and unconditional effect on his girlfriend and her friend. So, the advice of a friend will to strain, the more tips are not predictable, and so to destroy or block emotional processes. For example, when is a romantic sexual evening together with your girl going to "save the cat" girlfriend.

The passive form of the evil eye is present in relations between parents and children, between mothers-in-law, mothers-in-law and their children. Usually "wise" meddling mothers-in-law violates the emotional structure of the family, bringing in her confusion and vacillation.In General, active participation of parents in family life, their children always contain elements of the evil eye.

The passive evil eye can be when someone is "over soul" in moments of responsible work, and intently watching us. Typically, the job goes wrong, nothing happens, spoils, breaks. What can explain such a phenomenon? Only the mechanism of the evil eye.

Why now in the offices of "fashionable" to install surveillance cameras? Of course the head is not sitting and staring stupidly at the monitor 8 hours working time. But employees already can't afford something that could not be cameras. And it's not even for the "tea parties" and "tankzors". Himself emotional background with cameras other than in their absence, and the reason is that many emotional processes employees are blocked.

Or when the person "cut the wings" of your witty comments, guidance and advice aimed at strengthening the self-critical person. Wishes, for example, a guy to meet a girl, and he was "friendly," I said, "yeah what are you doing, she shoots you down, its probably just "daddies" interested". Reason to give such advice seems to be no, the only explanation is envy. And the evil eye as a form of expression of this envy.

The evil eye is any blockage/destruction of emotional processes. And once we experience emotional discomfort when we are unable to show their emotions freely, means that we are under the evil eye from someone's hand.

For any situation where we are forced to compromise, look for "escape routes" to get not what you want, and refuse to choose on the principle of the lesser evil is the evil eye.

Positive whammy.

Emotional processes, on which are superimposed the evil eye, can be not only a pleasant, necessary and desirable. They can also be unnecessary, disturbing, uncomfortable things that people would like, but can't get rid of. For example, fear, uncertainty, feelings of shame and guilt and so man is very glad when these processes "Pasat" and they are destroyed. People who can jinx "bad" processes would be good to have in your environment and try to be as close as possible when experiencing negative emotional processes, fears, doubts, failures.

So the mother might jinx fears your child, friend, support in trouble, parents lend a helping hand, to help and soothe.

Friendship is entirely based on the evil eye, as in the process of destroying/blocking emotional processes. A friend will help, comfort, advise, support, talk, and the problem then is not all that pulling and heavy, but on the contrary, become easily solvable.

Like mom always support and reassure your child that something will tell, will explain. And sometimes even to speak not necessarily enough to man "talk," as it becomes easier. Just at this moment picked up and described how he hurts and bad as it hurt, punished, scolded. Describing your problem, he has blocked negative emotions, looking at this another look, and this negative emotional process collapsed. Simply people "tuckered out" and calmed down.

Based on this, not afraid of the word, turning to God as the highest being. Prayer becomes easier, because the person is revealing all his miseries and asks for help. And sincerely hopes that his hear and help. That is, emotional processes during the prayer changes with the alarm severity, disappointment to hope, relief, calm, peaceful state.

On the mechanism of the evil eye based various personal growth trainings, trainings on the development of femininity/masculinity, etc. People come, in fact, with the imposition of the evil eye on their fears, doubts, uncertainty. The more personal energy coach has, the longer it will operate a mechanism for the imposition of the evil eye. The coach usually convinces the person that he is worthy of good and well what he is capable of much, most importantly – not afraid to be confident and succeed. On the negative emotional processes imposed the evil eye. Students leave the training inspired, emotionally charged, ready to move mountains. And at first they even might have something worthwhile to happen. But they soon fall under the negative evil eye of others who don't like such "inspiration" fuse ends, people will again roll down to where you started. And again, I go for portion of positive evil eye on training. The coach will point to the mistakes, positive charge and everything will be repeated from the beginning. And so can last a pretty long time.

On the mechanism of hex-based sect, the pyramids, the scams and various scams. The block negative emotional processes, and Vice versa inspire faith in the uniqueness, exclusivity, uniqueness. The promise of "liberty, equality, fraternity." And the man is Squirting optimism, the campaign is trying to draw others into the Scam, constantly positive and excited. That's it, now.... And try to indicate to him that he simply fell into the clutches of the scammers and get ripped off as sticky, you will be his enemy, from which to defend themselves. Because he sincerely believes in what he found "the way" that will help him easily and happily live a life in pleasure.

Only when the manipulators will get from such a person all you want, they will simply disappear, leaving the adept to deal with their emotional processes themselves. And it can be very painful.

The most common evil eye, which is found in life, it's the evil eye in a love relationship. When favorite close is easy, cozy and quiet, when all problems seem not so terrible, and not solved. And it is only effective positive whammy. And when the man blocked negative emotional processes, when well and happily, this person wants to be as long as possible. The only "but" in it that lock the partners is not equal. Someone almost completely, and this man falls into euphoria, becomes fully dependent on partner, he lost value, but the negative processes is reduced to zero.

The other partner's emotional processes are also blocked, only to a lesser extent, it saves the adequacy and don't forget to look for someone more attractive to his partner. Which has its negative processes are shut down/destroyed. And if the first will obtain from the relationship virtually all dreamed about, the second will quickly lose interest and the relationship will become a burden to him. Usually the first partner is not seen, it in the euphoria, although the second signals to him about it. Often it ends in Heartbreak.

The output here is: first partner "down to earth" and expose the evil eye induced partner positive emotional processes. Deliberately destroy the fairy tale. It is not solved by almost no one. Then you get a hard parting, when a beloved partner goes to the one who can block its negative emotional processes.

Protection from the evil eye there. Even if we eliminate all of the negative attitude towards us people from their environment, to influence people to public transport, shops, pharmacies, public places we can not. As well as to stop other glasite we can't either. Built-in predisposition to evil eye, as the process of blocking/destruction of emotional processes, hard-wired into us from birth.

Therefore, to us remains nothing how simply to treat loyal and not particularly bother. The more we live and will live in this world from birth to death. A fight with the entire world we have simply will not work.

Now utility: Hedgehog events. Self.

To understand the mechanism of evil eye can be just as helpful in life.

People might jinx myself. For example, you have an exam, a job interview, wedding, or Vice versa alarming joyful and exciting event. It is possible to jinx it. To block/destroy emotional processes.

For this you need to make a "hedgehog events." To present different scenarios, including the most negative. The groom will run away after a conflict fired at work, will drop the plane when you fly to the sea, gets into an accident, you will not pass the exam...In General, everything that bothers, disturbs, does not sleep.

The destruction process (any), when trying to imagine all the feelings, thoughts, emotions, experiences, actions and events and not only present, but also to describe and analyze.

For example, there will be an exam. So you need to imagine the worst scenario. Expulsion from the University, in my opinion, the most terrible that can be. Disappointment, tears, loser, collect documents on the expulsion, the friends talk, looking for a job or rector of the guard, suddenly will, and will not deduct, hope, anxiety, worry, mom itches to phone, where to go, teacher catch again, doubt he is guilty, it was necessary to learn... Living, pronounces, let us feel the whole range of emotions in the presentation of such a scenario.

Next, we present a variant, when the exam do not pass, but without deductions, all feelings-emotions-thoughts-actions.

Let's "hedgehog events." Will glasam. The evil eye, superimposed on a negative emotional process destroys/blocks it.

I think many themselves have experienced its effect on themselves. Nepredstavlenija horror, but in reality everything goes very well. So, how did not expect. This mechanism of self. That's about it. published

Author: Olga Rybakina


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind - together we change the world! ©



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