It turns out to suffer from the evil eye, you can not just because of who some envious person "sideways" look at the other. Jinx myself and you can yourself. Even those who do not believe in the evil eye and evil action of supernatural forces, when they talk about something good in relation to itself, stole a can spit over the left shoulder three times, or as a joke knock on wood. And rightly so. It invented our ancestors, and works well against destroying someone else's energy. There are other measures that help in this case, to insure.

Negativity inside

What samosglaz:

Of course, in ancient times, our ancestors knew about samosglaze. There is even a proverb to prove it, for example, that it is not necessary to divide the killed bear's skin. More often than not jinx myself can those who do have such a negative gift to other individuals. But those who do not have these abilities, can destroy your biofield. After all, the evil eye - it is nothing like his "failure»
Our thoughts and feelings - a kind of energy that can be focused on other people and themselves. Black, negative thoughts do not just move in space and time, they are able to apply a truly severe blow. It was he who hurts the energy body - skin, which is the biofield or aura. The biological field of every person. The gap, or more hole, which is formed due to such negative attacks, and have the evil eye.

Psychics their ability to let you feel the hole in the biofield using the palms. They therefore feel that in some place the elastic surface of the field is damaged: there felt warmth
Why? Because the resulting damage to the energy flows of human life. Not by chance in fact, that the one whom the evil eye (including, if a man and himself gave a negative) over time is very bad feeling physically. Put simply, it starts to hurt physical ailments. But before we manage to break through the shell with the help of the evil eye, it should be thoroughly weakened. Our energy flows away through lack of confidence in himself, doubt, frustration, anger, hatred and other negative feelings.

As a man of himself can interfere in the implementation of the conceived.

Thinking bad about yourself - is unacceptable! Because it is easier to put their biological field damage it is negative thoughts that a person directs itself. We will not, we, in fact, cut yourself with a knife or scalding with boiling water (in their right mind, of course). But, unfortunately, people do not think about that similarly come with biofield. But it protects man, gives him his own strength to live normally.

This negative self-programming - our main enemy. Engage in self-destruction is totally unacceptable! By the way, samosglaz applies only to adults, because they are experiencing (and, hence, depend on) because of his failures, not confident.

Speaking of himself, "What a fool I am," "bungler's" and the like, the person thus programs on your failures. And you have to try very hard not to do it.

It is necessary to generate light energy of your thoughts, and do not multiply gloomy thoughts.

If you can not wait for trouble, they will most likely not happen. And vice versa. If something bad happens, it should be taken as a lesson in life, rather than lash out at himself with reproaches. After all, much easier to admit to himself that he was mistaken and that all fixable - it bude not have a negative impact on the aura and samosglaza be avoided. Also, do not engage in bluster. After all, when you talk about something, then so disclose information about themselves, and it destroys the aura.

Human Aura

With the loss of a loved one, let him go to the other world, the sadness, but not grieving. No wonder they say that sadness - light. A mourning "binds" to the heavy power.

Do not be afraid to not get the desired, and if the dream begins to take place, do not brag about it.

Bragging can be a source of their own evil eye, and it seemed a victory turns setbacks yesterday. Blame is only yourself. But this should not be done. It is necessary to admit mistakes and to think how to fix them. And, of course, not to repeat their missteps.

evil eye
How to samosglaz: signs:

Jinx himself can be in relation to any area relating to you: personal relationships, work, education, health and others. Again, that could jinx even close person unwillingly.

Speaking of the evil eye, it is necessary at the same time understand that is not always the failure of "his handiwork».

Determine samosglaz quite possible, because it affects the physical condition and health. The negative effects on himself say a few signs. Moreover, they should all appear - then it
Man is every day to feel constant fatigue. He will be broken, even after quite sufficient under normal state of sleep, sleep and will not feel energetic. Because of this drowsiness can pursue throughout the day. Another manifestation can be pursued and insomnia.

A person will sharply change the mood, often in the direction of the negative, and sometimes for no reason at all.

But this man either did not realize or later himself surprised, because what actually fuss.

Another of the "bouquet" will samosglaza weakening of memory and attention. Moreover, there is a condition not only for older people.

Distraction is true not only of life but also the performance of the duties at work, which, of course, can lead to failure and there. Also, the person absolutely can not tolerate loud sounds. They are not just annoying, and knock for a long time out of the rut. How, by the way, and the bright light and sharp smell. All this brings a real torment, whereas previously did not deliver a hassle. Depression - from the same «Opera»
These symptoms may be accompanied by worsening of chronic diseases. If the person is not sick, you jinx yourself, maybe except the listed states, "earn" on the part of health troubles.

After all, a loss of energy and weaken vitality. Sometimes doctors can not even diagnose arisen 'disease ».

Can dream terrible dreams, tested incessant anxiety. Man durneet person may faint, feel tightness in the navel, the heart, the head and other organs.

Removing samosglaz: 9 steps to cleanse negativity:

1.Nuzhno comfortably in a chair or on the couch and relax. You can read a silent prayer.

2. Next, imagine that twenty feet above his head appeared a cloud, from which there is a weak vortex gradually - something between a white light and fog
3. Observing the interior of the vortex necessary to "transform" it into the funnel. Its diameter should be such that you could pass through it.

4. But it is not necessary to move up the funnel. It only imagine how it rotates clockwise.

5. In the process of rotation you have internally to see how it deals with aura (this usually occurs at a distance of 70 cm to 1, 5 meters from the head). Make sure that both the vortex absorbs negative energy imprints. This - negative thoughts about yourself
It also removes from your biofield preserved thoughts of quarrels, grudges against loved ones and friends at all. "Sucks" and negative intentions, such as smoking or drinking. Then you see how all this negativity is burned in the funnel.

6. It should not just be a bystander for these processes, but just try to physically feel how this spiritual vortex of fire surrounds your aura, and passes through the entire body.

7. It should be imbued with what is happening, namely to realize that fiery energy cleanses your energy body of negative energy that you have created through their thoughts, and perhaps and actions.

8. At some point you will feel that your aura cleansed. It was then necessary to present (and allow) as a funnel passes through the top of the head through the entire body and out through your feet - in Earth
9. Trying to be all too relaxed, you need to see how the fiery crater moves the negative energy in the earth, deeper and deeper - that they were not able to get up and to get in you dreams
Cleansing of the negative

Conspiracy to remove samosglaza:

"He stood up, and blessed, and servant of God (name), crossing himself, went into the yard, and the yard - went into the open field. For pure blue sea wave field, but there it quiet backwater where gray goldeneye lives. Do not hold on the bird no water, no mildew. Similarly, in the servant of God (name) not found no teachings, no morals, no bad words or malicious slander. Let it be so for ever and ever, Amen. »


Prevention samosglaza: Affirmations:

We must remember the power of intention to perform miracles. If you do not give bad thoughts turn not to say bad words, then biofield will remain strong, and the evil eye will not be able to damage it. And by and large, we can and should do to solve their problems. And that, one never knows, does not attract negative, may be, for example, to make for yourself a regular carrying out of a simple ritual, defended himself in this way from the negative vozzheystviya, and thus from all troubles.

He washed every morning, say these words: "to himself verhoglyadnichal, castigated himself, and he will lekarnichat". Repeat the words you need three times, with a pure heart, with conviction.

Of course, you need to believe in the words spoken, or else they will find no strength. Again, every morning, drinking a glass of holy water (it can also be from a natural spring or processed silver), say (out loud or mentally):

"I am worthy (-on) the best! This day will bring me joy. May it be so!"


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