MER-KA-BA is a reasonable field of the particle.

Everything has - starting conditions, and they are also there in the space-field modulators, which operate around the human body (... or, in the language of the ancient world ... in the language of the Avatars of the New Age, the language of Jesus Christ, in the language of Rama, on the language of the Buddha, in the language of Mahavira - connecting projection around the body - AM Mer-Ka-Ba, is responsible for the ascension of the body of light, and functional features of high-vibration, and hyper-light processes). In fact, much of which is associated with self-development in the physical world - due to the cooperation with the Mer-Ka-Ba. Ancient derived dependence of the various elements of a thin man with a phantom around the field, and put it in the books of Tibet, India, and various covenants, manuscripts, and many other sources. And it is - AM genuine knowledge. You get information from Kryon, by channeling feeds from Supreme Peace that your biofield - reasonably, that every one of you - AM potential avatars ... that, with intensive interaction at the nano-korpuskullyarnom level, you acquires luminous sphere around you in a few meters in diameter, which starts to operate on a multi-faceted and interesting ways (approaches), about which nothing is known, as long as you do not enter into the higher vibration.

This vibration is provided by meditative practices (Work Light), and nano-particles of the Whole with a notification with the beginning began on the regular (constant intensity) basis. When human beings reach it (in the words of the Master Kryon: When you are there, where already realized this potential) - these options are activated, and you approach your personal ascension.
At the same time, positive vibrations, love, and happiness, you will daily get from interacting with your body, and with its own set of thin shells, because the higher your awareness (your spirituality), the more you love yourself, and the more joy you bring simple things, simple actions, common features of life in the human body. And all of this responds your Mer-Ka-Ba (your potential vehicle, or - your field of charged particles). The more spiritual you become (according to, the evolutionary movement, increasing your potential to feel as light) - the deeper you integrate and understand all the values ​​and benefits of what it means to be substantially entirely woven out of love, or the Cosmic Man. And this is a very positive thing, because it describes a very important and pleasant part of the evolutionary path of the Earth - the desire to conform to the ideals of the best human qualities, because with increasing vibration - you change your attitude, and I have a lot of old habits, and priorities. At the same time, the replacement - come new and at times more joyful, and more close - to the light. Mer-Ka-Ba, in this respect, serves as your guide and helper, and you are connected to it, as in the physical and the metaphysical on the subtle planes. There is a growing mentality of your (your multidimensional thinking) - increasing the vibration of your Mer-Ka-Ba. Growing synchronistic message of the various particles in your mind - this is reflected in the work of the Mer-Ka-Ba. There Work Light in a meditative mode - it recharges your Mer-Ka-Ba. Each eon, each korpuskulla, each quantum, each nano-info, and synchronistic particle that passes through you and treated you - undoubtedly affect the magic of your biofield, and coordinated a pulsating ball around you.

You - intelligent beings with a reasonable field of particles, and you exist at the same time exactly as many plans, how many you allow your level of personal development. You - are multi-dimensional, and the nature of the genes have eternal life, and intelligent field particles that can learn how to manage, during the development of multi-dimensional mentality (Transcendental Cosmic Consciousness). All this - the original starting conditions in which you reside, until the period of totality awakening of your being (Eternal Spirit), your DNA, your consciousness and your spirituality. When you are awake, you begin to feel life, and the reality of how limitless field of cosmic particles, and energy-flows (counter wave korpuskullyary) that vzaimosoobschayutsya (cooperate) with each other, at the quantum, divine, and super-light level. All of this becomes available to you when you are developing your consciousness. And when your reality becomes more and more people with light awakened consciousness - at that moment can meet a lot of the wave, and high-vibration flows. This all - previous events space will co-creation (to conjure thoughts, images, and live by - the Cosmos of the Soul).

In every moment you will contribute to the spectral-kinetic development of the Mer-Ka-Ba. Just as the great minds of humanity (Tesla Eynshteyn, etc.), synchronized Mer-Ka-Ba itself an act of high-energy-intensity (they were in a high-vibration information flows), like this, every one of you, every day can affect, and to investigate the influence of various kinds of fields and interactions within various fields. The submerged (involved) you are in the action - all the more amazing results you get. In the end, every one of you - it is a magical Jiva, which is in the Sensual Cocktail essences and vibration. And as part of the development of energy-these essences, and vibration - you korpuskulliruete (recreates on binary-light level) the whole multidimensional universe within your being, and the resonating frequency plans. Spirit, as it were, waiting until you notice it when you feel it vseohvat when you are penetrated by His power, His infinite, His love. He waits until you remember ... He waits when you kindled the whole universe (Universe Processes). And when that happens, you're like plasma light - expands ... and Spirit - is ready to lead you on the wonderful world of the study of quantum and cosmic existential lessons. And, in the process, (let your earthly words) - everybody wins. Because it is impossible to convey in simple language, what is the spiritual evolution. It must be felt, it is necessary to push through itself, it is necessary to go there (... in the space of the soul and the heart, where no one has not yet been). And, becoming luminosity, you become more abstract, fantasy, spirituality, integral. You become Men of the Great Light that carry it in every cell, every atom, every molecule, every electron, proton, sub-particle, in each nano-korpuskulle synchronicity of your being. And it also - Bi-power processes. It - synchro-frequency and wave pulses that occur around you and inside of you, in that moment, when you are approaching their highest potential to shine and illuminate the world of realities and dimensions.

Take, for example, what we call - Work Light. For existing of the Confederation, it is - a natural action that is pleasant and magicity (... there are connected - a lot of unusual feelings, and harmonics). Light to carry out work of a spaceship and sending it to Earth, we can help you go through a period of transformation of quantum photon (the transformation of the planet and all of its forms - in the Absolute World). When you are doing light work on Earth, your education rezonation energy elements. If you learn how to combine these elements rezonation energy, you will see what is called a set of beautiful words like - Quantum Reproduction, Frequency Matrix Synchro-Space Connections, and finally - Waves of Light and Love.

Imagine Love is able to travel the world, quantum teleport and travel distance. And it comes at a moment when you admit such a possibility in your mind, and begin to work with this process. This - not just words. This is - the real envelope of how reality works, and this - the native, high-vibration and knowledge of the Spirit. The more developed your consciousness, the greater the impact you have on the Mer-Ka-Ba field and communicating synchro-magnetic particles. It is proved that the quantum observer has a hidden power. The spirit that penetrates the secrets and mysteries of existence - has a significant impact on the existence and space.

Multidimensional consciousness - is the key to the discovery of the mysteries of the Mer-Ka-like. Form in its existing potential of where you want to be, and you will be surprised, but - certain your particle will already be there. And so it will be always (forever), and cyclically, ... and the spell of these situations will be that your awareness on each quantum reality will grow all the time. Ultimately, you will realize that every potential work due to enegoinformatsionnoy frequency Plasma Light and Power, which you send to those or other fine substances. And then, the space will be for you - synchronistic living creature.


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