Rheumatism treatment of folk remedies

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Take one tablespoon of the salt, dissolve it in one Cup of water, moisten the composition of the cotton cloth, place it on the sore spot. Over wrap up warm with a scarf and apply a bottle of hot water. This poultice is very good for rheumatism and sciatica. Treated so for several days until complete recovery.

And rheumatism of the legs will help you an old folk remedy: in the morning, need to mow the grass, fold it into a stack and leave it till evening or the next day. It is recommended to stand in a stack of grass and stand for twenty minutes. Then cuddle up with a blanket and lie down in bed. So repeat the treatment several times – and each time the stack needs to be re-beveled.

Rheumatic joints oats

Remember that rheumatism is also very useful to move and engage any moving job. Also helps with rheumatism the following folk remedies that you can prepare yourself using oats.

Make a number of bags of canvas in which you need to fill up the oats, put them in water and bring to boil. While the bags are still hot, press them and attach to the joints. On top you can tie a bandage so the bags will not fall. So again several times and the pain starts to go away.

Treatment of rheumatism with birch leaves.

In the summer, you can use this method of national treatment of rheumatism: You will need to put in your pants a thick layer of birch leaves. The leaves should be fresh, but if they are still there, use dry. When you walk in these pants, much propitiate, after some time you will need to change wet from sweat on fresh leaves. This compress is done for the night. Repeat ten to twenty times.

Try also to use based ointment of birch buds.

Take eight grams of cow's butter, which should not be sterilized and fresh, put it in a bowl of clay, put a layer of birch buds, the dishes, close the cover and close up the area around the cap test. Next you need to leave the dishes in the oven, which was pre-melt well.

Then take the buds out of this pottery, press them from the oil and in this oil, add the camphor (one teaspoon), which must grind to a fine powder. Get the ointment.

It should be stored in a container with a well fitting lid in a cool place. RUB the ointment into the sore joints every night before going to bed. On top of the joints put birch leaves – they must be fresh and bandage all bandage. The compress is kept during the night. So repeat the treatment until complete recovery.

Sea buckthorn tea from rheumatism

Sea buckthorn has not only pleasant flavor but also a range of useful properties. It has long been appreciated by people and fed the sea buckthorn even their horses. In sea buckthorn contains vitamins and minerals that are good for people and animals. At the present time sea buckthorn is also used in folk medicine, it is used in juice form, in General form, like jam, butter, tincture on alcohol. Sea buckthorn is useful and just, but also use sea buckthorn oil. The leaves of this berry are useful in the treatment of rheumatism.

Take one tablespoon of crushed leaves of sea buckthorn and boil for ten minutes in one Cup of water, then strain and add water to make the volume the same as it was before boiling. Eat half a Cup twice a day. You can also make tea. To do this, take one teaspoon of the leaves peeled, pre-chopped, pour one Cup of boiling water.

Drink instead of tea brewed with sea-buckthorn: notice that began to hurt less. Also useful for sea buckthorn jam. When brewing tea from sea buckthorn using twigs you will have a good remedy for indigestion.

Formic alcohol against rheumatism

Good folk treatment method of rheumatism, which maybe will help you. Every day you need at night to soar legs in the water, which should be hot. Then massage into sore feet formic alcohol, then wrap up well. The course of treatment – a month. After such treatment rheumatism began to pass, the bumps disappeared.

For making alcohol you will need to dial in a jar of ants. This can be spread to the throat, banks with something sweet and put the jar in front of the anthill. When insects climb into the jar, close it and shift the contents into a container, which then can be put in the oven to in a few minutes, evaporate the cure. This is formic alcohol.

The treatment of rheumatism egg powder

Take fifty grams of camphor, one hundred grammes alcohol, fifty grams of egg powder. In addition to this, whisk well the egg whites – two pieces. Mix all the ingredients and the resulting composition RUB into aching joints at night, but where there is moisture that needs to dry.

And here is another method of treatment of articular rheumatism by the hips. Take half Cup of crushed roots of wild rose, pour half a liter of vodka and let steep for six days. Sometimes the composition should be shaken. Then strain and take one tablespoon three times a day the first three days, then twenty five – fifty grams three times daily in the following days. The drug is taken fifteen minutes before eating. The course of treatment until full recovery.

Rheumatic tincture of cinquefoil.

Take a branch of cinquefoil (they should be dry), chop them and fill in this structure, one third of a half-liter jars. On top pour alcohol or vodka. Allow the whole to steep for three weeks in a place where there is no access to sunlight. This means you need to drink one teaspoon three times a day. You can take one tablespoon.

If the joints are very very sore, drink one glass three times a day. The same drug have rheumatism to RUB the sore spots or make compresses.

The treatment of rheumatism will end when you use two half-liter jars of the composition inside.

The treatment of rheumatism barberry

In the barberry a lot of vitamins, besides, it is a good folk remedy for treating rheumatism and strengthening the heart.

Take 1 kg of berries of barberry – they must be ripe, so collect them at the end of August. Wash the berries, pour over them the water and simmer until then, until the berries will not be separated from the bones. After that, strain the berries, pour sugar and leave to cook for another half hour. Will jelly, which you need to sort through banks.

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