Louise hay: Never under any circumstances criticize yourself!

Louise Hay. What I believe: Life is very simple. What we give, we receive! We are the source of our own feelings, reality and everything in it. On the other hand, establishing harmony and balance in the mind, we are the same start to find in life.

  • The point of power is here and now – in our minds.

  • Everyone, including me, take full responsibility for all events in your life, and the good and the bad. Every thought we think literally creates our future.

  • The forces of the universe will never judge and criticize us. They accept us for who we are. And then reflect our beliefs automatically.

  • The people who have caused us suffering, were just as intimidated as you are now.

  • We are forming their beliefs in childhood, then moving through life, recreating a situation which is approached b our beliefs.

  • The past is gone forever. It is a fact, and tutu's nothing we can do. You can, however, change our thoughts about the past. As, however, it is foolish to punish ourselves in the present moment just because someone hurt you a long time ago.

  • We have to make a choice for yourself release ourselves and forgive everyone, especially yourself. Albeit we don't know how to forgive, but you have much want.

  • Once a person becomes ill, he must search in your heart, whom we must forgive.

  • When we love ourselves, approve of their actions and are ourselves our life becomes so beautiful that words can not Express.

  • Samooborona and self-acceptance is the key to positive change in our lives.

  • Never under any circumstances criticize yourself.

  • To love yourself means to celebrate the existence of his personality, and to be grateful to God for the gift of life.

  • Each of us is still three-year-old child who is scared, who only wants a little love.

  • Whatever you give, you get back.

  • In order to change the other, we must first change ourselves. We need to change our thinking.

  • The more I cling to any claim, the clearer to me that this statement I have to leave.

  • If something in our life it is easy for us, it isn't homework, this is what we already know.

  • The biggest resistance to us out of fear – fear of the unknown.

  • If there were no beliefs, there would not be and its symptoms.

  • “I want to break free from the hidden desire to be unworthy. I deserve the best in life and I allow myself to accept it with love!”

  • Your mind is your weapon, and you decide how to use it.

  • Constantly remember their past – to do so deliberately hurt themselves.

  • Love is the only answer to any of our problems, and the road to this state is through forgiveness. Forgiveness dissolves resentment.

  • Our body always speaks to us. If only we took the time to listen. Each cell in the body responds to our every thought and every word.

  • All our interactions with the world reflect our attitude to yourself.

  • Love is not an external manifestation, it is always within us!

  • The statement is a reflection of your beliefs.

  • Self – criticism is the inclusion of your ego. You have trained your mind to constantly humiliate yourself and resist change, you now just hard not to pay attention to what he tells you.

  • ...And let these thoughts pass quietly through your mind, they have no power over you, of course, provided that you do them yourself don't. Such thoughts –your resistance to change.

  • Our thoughts have no power over us until we submit them.

  • Chase away the thoughts that make you unhappy, do things that you like, meet people with whom you feel good.

  • To become the owner of all great things must first believe they are possible.

  • When we decide to take responsibility, we stop foolishly wasting time, blaming time, people and circumstances, that is something that is not related to us.

  • All of the events that took place in your life to date, was the result of your thoughts and beliefs come from the past.

  • Release the past with love, be grateful to him for having brought you to such realization.

  • If you came up with the idea of a negative character, just tell her “Thanks for participating”

  • Your purpose – to be the embodiment of the beautiful and loving start in life.

  • Independent because of what stage of life you are, what contribution it has made and what happens in it, you always do. What is in your power at your current level of understanding, knowledge and awareness.

  • Our inner power depends on how we value their right to be worthy in this life is good.

  • Finding faith is an instantaneous process, jump in anywhere. Just need to take and trust in themselves Internal strength that is associated with the universal mind.

  • I believe that possess all the necessary knowledge, I believe care about me, even if I don't know the situation.

  • I am one with the power that created me. I – safe. In my world everything is fine.

  • The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

  • Our resentment and anger is only relevant to us, to our ability to forgive yourself.

  • Trust your life. Wherever you destiny, the journey is necessary. You need to get a life experience and learn where the truth and a lie. And then you can go back to your inner center – the soul, purified and wiser.

  • All so-called problems – not that other, as given us again the opportunity to change and grow.

  • People who do not have to love yourself, usually do not know how to forgive.

  • Love yourself now.

  • First of all, you need to take all that we had previously rejected. Make that part of ourselves, which may seem funny, silly, untidy, scared. Every part of myself.

  • Every time you say that you're scared, think of the inner child. He speaks these words. Let the child understand and believe that you will never, under any circumstances, do not turn away from him and never leave him in the lurch. You will always be with him and will never fall out.

  • Love for another person, and marriage is fine, but passing, and an affair with yourself is eternal. It forever. Family love within you: child, parent and years that separate them.

  • You and only you are responsible for your life. You can waste time bemoaning the callousness Rodney or the oppressive atmosphere of the parental home. By doing so, you retain a view of himself as a miserable Martyr and the victim. This approach is possible, however, if you don't abandon it – you will not see happiness in life.

  • When we're scared, we all strive to gain control. Thus we do not allow in your life positive changes. Have faith in life. It has everything we need.

  • If we take something without permission – we lose if we give – we receive, and differently cannot be.

  • To the extent that, as increases your self-love, increasing self-esteem. All the changes will happen much faster and easier if you know exactly what you want out of life. Love is not outside of us – she lives inside it. The more you love, the more love surrounded.

  • Give a tenth of your income – and prepare for new receipts.

  • In the world all in abundance, he's just waiting for you to decide to see with his enormous wealth. Money – much more than you can spend. People – more than you've ever met in my entire life. Joy – more than you can imagine. If you believe it, you will have everything you want.

  • To love oneself means to define the purpose of your life, find a hobby.

  • Put your love in everything you do. If you have trouble, look inside yourself: what lesson from this situation should be removed?

  • If you are getting frustrated, repeat what you would like to see in your life, then accept it with joy and gratitude in the heart.

  • Competition and comparing myself to others are two of the major obstacles to being creative.

  • Each of us has an inseparable connection to the universe and life in General. The power inside us is to broaden the horizons of our consciousness.

  • Criticism always hurts or harms. If someone asks your opinion, try to avoid such language, which would be close to condemnation or criticism.

  • Guilt is irrelevant to the events that occurred in reality.

  • The problem is the ability of self-development.

  • Any changes in our lives can only come from ourselves.

  • Think of the changes by cleaning the apartment. At first one, then another, and before you know it – all the glitters.

  • In order to gain power and to complete the initiated changes, it takes time. Time and continuous efforts.

  • You don't have to believe everything. Everything you need to know will come to you in the right place at the right time.


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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