5 main causes of pollution of the body

How polluted body? It is clear that the digestive system is the main source of toxins in the body, and this is not surprising as the digestive system processes food to give vitality to the person, and the dregs when this processing is inevitable. The body removes the scum with the help of a drainage system, consisting of the venous part of the capillaries and the lymphatic system, which suck up and carry them for further processing in the liver, kidneys and lymph nodes.

Now imagine the situation when you are in a forest and need to light a fire to cook food on it. In other words, you have to create the fire energy for cooking. In my experience you know that the fire is easy to ignite if there is a good access of oxygen of air and gasoline or other combustible material. But suppose the fire is already burning and all of a sudden started to fade. What do you begin — blow on a fire to provide a large flow of oxygen or adding gasoline. In this case, the fire continues to burn in the late combustion wastes are minimal small bits of ash. Well, if you do not, the fire damped and waste will be large — charred pieces of wood.

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Much the same is happening in the body. If the digestive system is not up to the end of the recycles or burns food, it is still large waste that is difficult to drain the system. Why processed food bad? Well, first, the same lack of oxygen as in a fire. And it depends on the work of the respiratory system. Second, the lack of blood hormones are the gasoline that helps to kindle a fire and supports burning to the end. Enzymes cannot work without hormones, they eventually activate digestion. Production of hormones of the endocrine system largely depends on the emotional state.


The pituitary gland is the boss of the endocrine system — coordinates the activities of all glands that produce hormones, but the pituitary gland is subordinate to another chief — the hypothalamus, which is closely linked to a psychoemotional state. Thus, the negative emotions, especially dolhanskyi such as internal anger, fear, aggression, grief and other concerns, through the hypothalamus inhibit the activity of the glands of the endocrine system, and together with her digestion.

Negative emotions through the hypothalamus affect not only the endocrine system but also on the nerve, usually causing excitation of the sympathetic division and the parasympathetic inhibition. As a result, there is a sharp decline in all functions of the gastrointestinal tract. Not accidentally, nervous people often feel heaviness in the stomach, due to stagnation of stomach contents, caused by negative emotions. Violation psycho-emotional sphere I would say the main reason for pollution of the body.


An important role in the pollution of the body is the change of the acid-base balance all fluids. Also of great importance is the PH. With the predominance of hydrogen ions is acidic, a solution with excess hydroxyl is considered to be alkaline. The PH of the solution, equal to 7, is considered neutral; below 7 is acidic and above 7 is alkaline. PH is of great importance for the organism, as the acid-alkaline balance influences the course of all chemical reactions.

For different liquids of different PH. The PH of blood and extracellular fluid must have a small deviation to the alkaline side and is approximately equal to 7,35. Intracellular fluid is acidic and have an acidity of around 5. Liquid environment of the stomach acid, 12 duodenal ulcer — alkaline, thick intestines — weak acid. All these PH-indicators should remain consistent, and in the body are the so-called buffer systems, including the kidneys, lungs. The deviation of these parameters from the average rate leads to pollution of the body.

First and foremost very dependent on PH enzymes: PH at deviation from the norm enzymes lose their activity and hence the food is not processed until the end. Violation of the PH in the stomach leads to spasms of the stomach, gastritis and, consequently, to poor processing of foods. The change in the acidic environment of the colon leads to the rotting processes and the accumulation of toxins in the blood. This list can be continued. It is important to know that the body truly care about the acid-alkaline balance of its fluids.

Why PH is disturbed?

The main reasons are malfunctions of the nervous system, psycho-emotional surge, low physical activity and changes in the potential difference of the body. Of course, the change in the PH is also affected by unbalanced diet, alcohol abuse and Smoking. Not the last role in the pollution of the organism is played by some space radiation and primarily magnetic storms.


Cell membranes are constantly under electrical stress. Regulation of entry and exit of minerals from the cage is solved also on an electric basis, and this means that there is electromagnetic radiation, and therefore, any changes to the transmission system of biological membranes can be affected by cosmic factors.

During magnetic storms the throughput of the cell membrane increases, i.e. the cell will partially lose she needs substance. The work cells will deteriorate, which will cause contamination of the cell itself. Not by chance during magnetic storms aggravated skin diseases and allergic reactions.

If we're talking about magnetic storms, it is useful to know that they often cause deterioration of the blood microcirculation in the brain, the consequence is a stroke. It strokes occur most frequently during magnetic storms. Blood pressure is also affected by magnetic storms.

And now for the drainage system.


The most important link in the life support system of the cells are capillaries and microcirculation of blood. It is through the capillaries the red blood cells carry oxygen to the cells, this is where the plasma carries the blood cells proteins, carbohydrates, salts, vitamins and other components. Here the blood gives to the laws of osmosis and diffusion of nutrients and oxygen and takes the waste waste products, metabolites. This exchange occurs through the extracellular fluid, which occupy a huge amount in our body.

The slow exchange between cells and capillaries in most cases occurs in the intercellular spaces. Slowing nutrients, oxygen, hormones, enzymes in cells disrupts the cells and organs and reduces stamina. The slowdown in the allocation of waste — urea, calcium, sodium chloride, bile and so forth — leads to poisoning of the body products of their own activity.

Close to the blood capillaries are lymph capillaries. Because the walls of lymphatic capillaries are thin and highly permeable, they take large molecules and particles, including bacteria, which cannot penetrate the blood capillaries and are carried with the lymph to neutralize in the lymph nodes. In the human body die every moment millions of cells. These little microtropia should be removed, and to neutralize and in any case nowhere to accumulate, as during their decomposition produces toxic substances.

Why formed stagnant processes in the intercellular fluids and tissues, do not give the drainage system to completely remove toxins?


In the evolution of human nature has improved our internal organs in conditions of high physical activity — running, muscle contractions, continuous tremors for many hours. Not finding other, more effective solutions, the nature of these inertial, gravitational force and shaking force of the muscle contraction used for the purification of cells and intercellular spaces of toxins.

But, unfortunately, modern man is moving enough to fully derived toxins. The less movements, trasek, the more stagnant processes, the more polluted the body. This is the first cause of stagnation.

The second, equally important reason is the accumulation in the tissues and muscles, organs and parts of the body of internal stress. It is known that negative emotional reactions in various parts of the body can cause stress. Well, for example, a person worried about something, and at that time unbeknownst to him shrink and tense up the muscles of the jaw. Or fear can strain the muscles of the legs, clench the fists, tighten the lower back, etc.

Similarly, the emotional reaction through the autonomic nervous system cause tension in tissues and muscles of internal organs.

The frequent repetition of such emotional reactions turn into chronic tension and restrict the movement of various substances and ions in the extracellular fluids causing the congestion. It was a long stagnant processes in the intercellular spaces leading to rapid aging of the body.

So, let's summarize. What are the main causes of pollution of the body?

1. Psycho-emotional disorders that lead to hormonal imbalance, which in turn reduces the activity of enzymes, disorder of the nervous system, which leads to a decrease in the function of the entire gastrointestinal tract.

2. Disorders of acid-base balance also influence the activity of enzymes and to process food in the stomach and intestines.

3. The influence of some cosmic radiation and especially magnetic storms on the cell membrane.

4. The respiratory system associated with the delivery of oxygen to the cells. I was named as a major cause of disruption of electric and energy systems, but it is needless to say, since such violations are a consequence of physiological disorders.

5. All the products of metabolism, which cannot be a drainage system — the venous part of capillaries and lymphoepithelioma — remain in the extracellular fluids due to congestive processes there. That is one of the main causes of diseases.

In addition, there are others, from my point of view, the secondary cause of pollution. This can be attributed to poor chewing of food, overeating, excessive consumption of meat, sweets. Problems with the recycling of food occur in the mixed diet, when protein and carbohydrate food are consumed together. It is known that protein food for their processing demands from the body of some enzymes, carbohydrate and others. When mixing occurs partial blockage of some other enzymes, and as a result — not fully processed foods.

There is a theory of separation of power, which recommends meat or other protein foods to eat vegetables, the same goes for carbohydrates. And it really leads to a significant improvement of health. However, the return to the old food, water resources, health, because at the time of separation of power the body takes some of the stress and dyrenium yourself. Therefore, we can only recommend often to eat separately.

The job with itself provides the contact with his body. And how can you communicate with the body without knowing it?

Is now definitely known that a thought can be transmitted from one person to another like radio waves going from one station to another. Experiments with humans carried out under the direction and control for over two generations, were supported by unusual demonstrations of experiments K. Baxter with plants: they proved that mental energy can easily pass through the barriers (thick shields of lead, concrete, etc.), which hold all other known forms of radiation energy.

But the most striking feature of mind is the terrible power of creation and destruction, which it possesses. No house was built without the first, he was not conceived and presented as a thought project. Not one bomb was dropped from the plane before it has not developed in the chemical laboratory and on the drawing boards gunsmiths. No doctor, poet, scientist, Opera singer ever was not created by nature — they just are born as boys and girls who long and hard think about their future roles, and then turn themselves into what they're up to — as long as you can, of course. The power of imagination is the power of creation — good and bad.

If we pollute the environment is the result of contamination of our imagination. Similarly, we could imagine we need the world as a world of goodness and beauty and to create for all of us surrounded by friendship and beauty.published 

Author: B. D. Aranovich


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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