How to purify and detox the lungs in 3 days

Over time, the toxins of mold and bacteria can destroy the health of the lungs and even lead to the inevitable diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Why you need to clean the lungs?

Alex miles States the following:

"Living on this planet and breathing the surrounding air, we can pick up harmful toxins which stick to the walls of the lungs and lessen their elasticity. Pabout as clogging of the lungs with toxins significantly limited their ability to expand in such a way that it is possible to fully inhale enough oxygen. Cellular structure of the lungs is regenerated every two to three weeks, however recovery of the alveoli, deep respiratory, it takes about a year."



Regular detoxification promotes normal functioning of the lungs and rapid removal of toxins. Current and former smokers know that the best way to detox lungs quitting Smoking. Non-smokers also more difficult to choose of a hundred ways is the most suitable for recovery. Carry out the cleaning and restoration of the natural way to flush toxins from the body and strengthen the immune system will help a healthy lifestyle combined with a three-day detox program.

However, to help the body prepare for such a short program of detoxification, two days before its beginning it is necessary to remove from the diet all dairy products. In addition, the night before the cleaning is needed before going to bed drink a Cup of your favorite herbal green tea to remove toxins from the intestines.

Following the preparation should be daily for three days to do the following:

1. Before Breakfast drink 300 ml of warm water mixed with a quarter Cup lemon juice (approximately juice of two lemons).

2. During Breakfast drink 300 ml of grapefruit or pineapple juice. These juices contain natural antioxidants that help to improve the respiratory system and clear the lungs.

3. To alkalize the body for further detoxification, drink at least 300 ml of fresh carrot juice between Breakfast and lunch.

4. During lunch time drink 400 ml of juice rich in potassium. For example, beet juice, parsley, orange, banana, tomatoes, dates and figs.

5. In the evening before bed, drink 400 ml of cranberry juice to fight off bacteria that can cause infection in the lungs.

6. Take a 20 minute hot shower to remove toxins through the skin.

7. Optionally can also add a few drops of eucalyptus oil in hot water and inhale the steam to cleanse the lungs naturally. Contained in the eucalyptus substance that facilitates the expectoration of mucus, helps to soothe sore throat, to eliminate nasal congestion.

8. Every day for half an hour breathing deeply for excretion from the lungs of harmful substances.


After detoxification

Three days later, the lung condition will improve dramatically. Unable to resume dairy, but try to minimize it. Drinking enough water and active lifestyle needs to become a habit after a three-day detox.


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Balanced, healthy and varied diet should become a way of life. You'll never have to repeat this three-day detox, if you include in the diet of oregano. Oregano is a natural decongestant, which eliminates the difficulty of nasal breathing and helps to normalize the work of respiratory system.published





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