Destructive thoughts. INTRODUCTION.

RUBRIC "cause of the disease."

Destructive thoughts.


Stipulate again that our disease - is an external reflection of our thoughts and our emotions. As you know, the idea of ​​a universal form of energy. And has both creative and destructive forces. We must always remember that our thoughts are necessarily materialize, embodied in the physical world. And it is our (and not someone else's) destructive thoughts create our illness and personal problems and are a signal that is running in our subconscious mechanism of self-destruction.
Many of us just do not realize what tremendous power lies in the words we speak aloud or to yourself. We do not think about the choice of words - we pronounce them automatically, ie unconsciously. We once learned the rules of grammar and now use them to express in words my feelings and emotions. But we are not taught that took the form of words and then comes back to us in the form of a corresponding experience. Remember the saying: "As you sow, so shall you reap."

Everyone knows about the laws of nature with regard to energy - energy can not be destroyed, it can be converted into another form. Therefore, if you reject the destructive state, they will eventually come back to you again (like attracts like), but more power, bringing even fear, sadness, depression, and all kinds of stressful situations. And it will be even harder to bear. And again and again you will strive to get rid of these states, vpleskivaya them. And so it will continue for as long as this vicious circle will not be broken illness or injury, or death itself.

Further, it should be noted that so-called bad thoughts are not at all bad, because the subconscious tends to use them to make positive intentions. Such, for example, thoughts and emotions as resentment, hatred, anger, greed, jealousy, envy, and others are implementing some positive intentions. And the person who uses them, nothing worse than the righteous. That is an evil man nothing worse than a good man. Holy - no better killer. The gods are all equal. Just these aggressive thoughts are inherently destructive, and if a person uses them in his life, then he must take responsibility for the consequences that these emotions will bring. Therefore, the choice is yours.


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