Slavic Gods bestow wealth ... Monday.

Anyone who believes in magic and want to get rich, we have prepared a new knowledge - ancient Slavic recipes magic. Seven of the old gods, each of which dominates one particular day of the week to help you in money matters, suggesting that it is necessary for success. Esotericism believe gods, spirits, demons, entities, living in the small world. As long as the Earth spins, and there is the human race, people remember about them (believe in them, study, and so on. N.), And therefore feed them with his energy. Bioenergy human body is the "currency", which we are paying the fine world entities for the performance of our desires ...
Monday is dominated Chura - God, protect property and people to people contacts. On this day, more than ever keenly listen to the voice of your intuition, it will tell you the right way to communicate with partners, other business people, helping to avoid many dangerous conflicts. Keep your traditions and do not change the usual course of events, for Monday - a day of successful completion of the money matters. Chur God does not like experiments, so on this day, they can cost you. To protect yourself from financial troubles and get the money on Monday morning read 3 times a conspiracy: "Chur me chur me, mind you mine." Think at this time about his affairs, was eager to money problems have decided in your favor. Repeat the plot during the day many times, call Chura and do not skimp on emotions. Then you and the matter settled ...


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