Slavic Gods bestow wealth ... Saturday.

Saturday at the mercy Chernobog - god of evil and misfortune. Because on this day dominates black force, do not plan on it any important matters. In monetary terms, it is a blank day with stupid vanity: cases initiated under the authority of Chernobog doomed to failure and loss. Keep your financial transactions to a minimum, to the routine work or even give up on them. In ancient times, the Slavs prayed to other gods and sacrificed to them, seeking protection from harm, which could bring Chernobog ...
On Saturday, it is best to go to church and pray there for the prosperity of your business, prosperity and welfare of the family. But you can spend and pagan rite. Take 18 white coins of the same value, fold in three columns, and slide them together. These coins - a symbol of your wealth and prosperity, which grant people the six ancient gods. Surround bars coins six white candles and light them. While they will burn, firmly and confidently repeat the mantra: "Six white candles - in a circle! Six ancient gods around! Guard my prosperity, protection from evil forces. " Worship candles, throwing his hands forward and while making a strong exhalation. At the same time making internal effort, throwing wave energy toward the circle of candles ...


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