Slavic Gods bestow wealth ... Friday.

Friday given the power Lada - the goddess of love and beauty, as well as the patroness of friendly contacts. Friday - the day arrived, and spending money, not a day of work and love. Do not plan on Friday no monetary transactions - they either did not materialize or will introduce you to the losses. This day should be devoted to the completion of only the most urgent cases. Put on Friday, gold or silver chain - the goddess of love Lada decoration of these metals. It will help to reconcile with those who have been at odds, allow to establish relationships with the right people ...
At sunset light up on the table 3 pink or red candles, closing them in the ring. Sit in front of them, closing his eyes and mentally tell Lada, from which would like to get rid of what's bothering you. Your monologue should last only as long as the candle will burn ...


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