Slavic Gods bestow wealth ... Wednesday.

Wednesday is dominated by Veles - the god who brings wealth and good fortune. On Wednesday, you should carry out the previously initiated monetary and trading operations, and counted the money available to make a reasonable plan expenses for various needs, since this day saves you money in the future. It is about the environment said: "Money through love." Beware of thieves - the environment and for them the most successful and profitable day ...
To protect themselves from losses and changes for the worse on Wednesday morning, take 12 hairs fur and read them over the next plot: "In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Yegory coming down from heaven on a golden ladder from heaven blows Yegory hundred zlatopolosnyh bows, arrows, three hundred and three hundred zlatoperih zlatopolosnyh bowstrings, and shoots and shoots servant (name) lessons prikosy, evil spirits, and gave black beast bear on the spine: and bare black animal bear in the dark woods, and trample black beast bear in quicksand bogs that age is not used to any day or night, for ever and ever. " After reading the plot, burn the hair, rinse with water the ashes ...


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