Slavic Gods bestow wealth ... Sunday.

Sunday in the power Dazhdbog - god of change for the better, luck, kindness, warmth and prosperity. Therefore, the last day of the week in terms of money is always good. It's time for new plans, financial arrangements and identify future prospects. But keep in mind: Dazhdbog not help scams and fraudsters, he - a support honest business ...
But there is no such clear day, so as not to cloud passed over the sun. And from there on Sunday, according to the beliefs of the Slavs, its chervotochinkoy. This danger - evil eye induced envious. To protect yourself against this scourge, on Sunday at sunrise and sunset, and within a week, if necessary (in case of a sudden deterioration of health, business relationships and falling incomes) every day at sunrise on 3 times need to read such a conspiracy, "Go , seven praying to the gods, out of the house door into the passage, the passage of the yard, the yard through the gate, under the red sun, under open field. In the open field Dazhdbog temple stands, its gates themselves are opened, and I was small (name) is passed. God's power I spoke there of wizards, sorcerers from, from the witch from Sage. Who thinks I Lih, the count in a forest grove, in a sea of ​​sand and stars in the sky, for ever and ever. According to this key, lock ... "


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