Slavic Gods bestow wealth ... THURSDAY.

Thursday at the mercy of Perun - the god, patron self-assertion, willpower, granting unexpected opportunities. On this day, lingering finish of the case, showing their will to use the help of friends you trust. Money Thursday success is questionable, because your companions will inexplicably intractable, will insist on not wanting to listen to your opinion. You will need a lot of wisdom and ingenuity to the seemingly hopeless circumstances turn into a profitable future. But do not aspire to whatever was to achieve immediate implementation of desires and quick money - on Thursday it usually does not work: Perun does not like and do not indulge bustler momentary desires. Intuition on Thursday will be heightened as never listen to her tips, and how to quickly amass more money ...
In order to increase capital and acute intuition Thursday night take 12 white coins of any value, hold them between your hands, and bring your hands to his forehead and make a their "money" desire. Then lay out the coins one by one around a lit candle and looking alternately at the flame, the money, tell, bringing his lips to the flame that would like to get and what to get rid of. Then collect coins and carry a within a month. Then they can spend ...


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