He stated or let slip?

It seems that the regionals came to kill the people and not the regime clamp, and much faster. For uncontrollable laughter can also be the cause of death. Especially when translated literally do not give breathing. The warranty blabbed about his abilities. That Prime Minister famously otbreet presumptuous hegemon.
And here is another masterpiece from the team of Victor II. Madame Bakhteeva at a meeting with the voters in the Donetsk region whether stated, whether that is closer to the truth, let slip that her party did to the economy of Ukraine. How can you not be repeated - the king does entourage. But what is the king - so is the entourage. That Bakhteyeva punched so plain truth from the scene that did not seem enough. Straight and political opponents have nothing to add. The very frankly confessed to the crime. Here's a fact of life. Konfuzets, of course, well, do not get used. And not such a high stage so with a fair aplomb spoken happened. However, not just punishment for himself and fellow asks the people and the extension of the term of office. Here, too, there is nothing strange, since inconsistency and spontaneity of action and desires even quite fit into the diagnosis.
So, ladies and gentlemen, touring theater of the absurd continues, the election orgy gaining momentum. Be brave, my friends. It's only the beginning. By the way, from Nicholas Yanovich had two days do not hear anything. I do not get sick, an hour?


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