Hypnotic power of dance

Animal world knows many examples of hypnotic effect of a predator on its prey. (World people such examples can give much more, but now is not it)
But not only creeping and hissing may affect their properties. It turns out, stoats also possess such ability. Technically, it looks completely different, but the end result is exactly the same - the victim for a while stiff, which allows the hypnotist rapid move to overtake the target. There are many surprising. Let's start with the fact that the dance is usually performed ermine not to small rodents, which he easily catches up and in front of a much larger game, often more than the hunter. It rabbits and hares other beasts. Not only is the game larger than the hunter, so he is also physically can not catch up with her. And then recedes physics and begins shamanism. During the dance ermine meanders around the body and limbs, as if from exercise takes acting classes. Yes, in fact, somewhere in the way it is. After all, the audience is so imbued with this action, allowing you to freely get close to him and deal a fatal blow. And here is the second oddity - fangs ermine are not so great for a snack is not what the spine, and even major artery hare. But nevertheless the dies. Say from the shock. May be.


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