Woodwork have magical properties and influence.

If you ever will find that they have become a victim of witchcraft or evil eye, just get under the table with six legs to take off spells. Because the table - this is the altar and pick up under it, you ask for blessings and assistance in the removal of spoiling.
Woodwork have magical properties and influence, and your chairs, couches, desks and stools - actually, all of your wooden furniture - contains the energy of trees, from which it was made.

Ebony, for example - this tree has a magical power and protection. Furniture made of ebony, ideal for areas where practice magic.

Below is a list of trees and their magical effect. Buying new furniture, it should be taken into account.

Black or ebony ability to magic, protection

Oak - the strength, luck, health, protection

Pine - money, exorcism, healing

Cherry - love

Teak, jute tree - wealth

Cedar - healing, longevity, purification, protection

Maple - love, money

Rattan - good luck, strength

Health Nut

If you are planning to soon rearrange the furniture, you should wait until the new moon. Rearrange the furniture at this time ensures good luck.


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