How to be cleansed of negativity and to be healed of diseases with limes.

Lipa - Wood simply wonderful, and in ancient times was regarded as a sacred plant. Not by chance the big linden carried his coolness to those who came to the Orthodox church. Comfortably will feel at home, who linden will grow in the yard. It brings happiness to the family.

Patroness of the tree - the goddess of life Lada. In addition, lime - a real doctor, which will help in the treatment of any disease. Attention! All of the following recommendations on the use of decoctions, infusions and other drugs prepared on the basis of lime, it is recommended to use only after consulting your doctor.

Lipa is able to create an aura of peace and tranquility. No wonder Christians believed that this tree gave shelter to the Virgin Mary when she visited the Earth. And in the old days it was on the boards of lime paint icons. If the first-born is born, you can plant a linden tree, and it will protect the baby while it will grow. And then, if you will live in the house. And baptismal cross out of it will be reliable talisman baby. The same crosses, amulets gave the newlyweds.

It is believed that the request of the owners is a wonderful tree also performs. If you are unable to conceive a baby, ask for help in this tree-guardian at dawn.

Objects of lime as the charms

At the same time it should apply and those who want to quickly vyti married or get support in the new endeavor. But if you need to have already begun completed smoothly and successfully, with the request to have to come in the afternoon. When quarrels in the family under the lime tree can calm down and tell us about your problem. Reconciliation will come necessarily.

In a private home or at the cottage "furnace season" better start spreading the fire dry sprig of linden. But stocking wood from this tree - a bad decision. As - cut the tree

. Linden tree

Why is it dangerous to cut linden:

There is a sign that the person who felled linden, may die, or will it be someone from his family. If you still need a linden tree branch, for example, to make a talisman, it is necessary to tell about this tree, to tell why this is necessary.

And then ask if you can use it for free. Then you need to focus with his hand on a tree, and always have the feeling, is it possible to take part or not. Cut the branch should be a new knife, which had not previously enjoyed. Be sure to thank the tree for its gift.

If the workpiece from a linden bought by someone, you need to rinse it under running water before you cut the talisman. This is done in order to wash away the bad energy of water, which is easy to absorb the tree.

After this preform must lie down and dry. And the person needs to get used to it, thinking about what kind of amulet in the end, turn out.

Medicines from linden

Reliable assistant of ailments:

As a medicinal plant known since ancient linden. To her healing abilities healers constantly resorted. From ancient sources it is known that the curative very old, growing on its own lime, which has a cleft. If squeeze through it, the disease is not dopekut, and those that already exist, depart.

Cooking ward health of lime twigs can even nothing concrete has been cut. But we must perform the ritual that will fill its sacred power.

This should be done in a few days on the growing moon, but - in the early morning. You will need a small sprig of lime, your hair and linen bag - so that it was convenient to wear it then

. All items are put on the table before him and pronounced:

"Lipushka darling, your generous soul, ancient healer, helper faithful! Help the servant of God (name) to be healthy, shut up from adversity, has saved from the disease. So be it. ยป

Sprig need to put in a bag. If possible, it should be with you in person always.

Lime Blossom

How to collect the lime color:

You should know: linden helps when it flowers, buds and leaves are collected correctly. Blooms fragrant tree at the turn of June and July. If the sign, when the bees become escorts flied to tree to collect the nectar of lime, it will be a signal to collect the flowers. This coincides with the period when the most flowers bloom already, but some still remain in the bud. Do not worry if they will have collected a lot.

Flowers do not lose their force for two years. Increases the healing properties of their young moon. Collection of colors can not be carried out after the rain: bad dried out, they become brown and lose their force surgeon's

. If part of the flowers have bloomed, would also have to give up the collection. At the same time, you can prepare and lime leaves.

Best of all, if it is possible to dry the color to a well-ventilated attic, in extreme cases - under a canopy in the shade. In the sun - in any case! When the flower stalks become brittle - raw materials ready. But lime buds are dried in the open

Bath with lime color

The most ancient medicine:

At least for colds. Linden tea and will help to reduce the temperature, and to cope with a cough. Therefore, it is - the first folk remedy for colds and bronchitis. Take also for the prevention of migraines, rheumatism.

How to cook: brewed cup of boiling water 3 tablespoons and left for 15 minutes in a water bath. Hereby a further 45 minutes, and - ready to eat. Should drink after eating hot. In hypertensive disease -. Just

For prevention of cystitis, as well as rezyah in the urethra, pyelonephritis also drink this tea:. Half a glass before a meal

Treat and urolithiasis. How to cook: Bay 2 cups boiling water 2 tablespoons of flowers, they need to boil for 10 minutes. At night, you should drink a glass.

Infusion of linden tree has a sedative with nervousness and headaches:

How to cook: 3 tablespoons of flowers brewed 2 cups boiling water. Take half a cup before eating. Also, the fresh leaves is applied to the head as a compress if a headache.

When insomnia is recommended to bath with lime color.

Rinse with infusion (in a glass of boiled water to insist you need a tablespoon) to help with stomatitis and gingivitis.

Get rid of obesity (slowly but surely) will help flower lime powder, which is necessary to use a teaspoon three times a day is enough.

Linden kidney

Only - for women only - Men:

Lotions of lime blossom make life easier for hemorrhoids. How to cook: 5 spoons of flowers (dried). Insist in two cups of boiling water for 20 minutes, after which you need to drain.

Another 100-year-old recipe: pulverized firebrand burnt lime tree. Its ground into powder, obtained by "coffee". Drink it should be in the morning for a week, and so - every month

. Also, the coal from linden wood in folk medicine used for belching, diarrhea, flatulence, poisoning: a teaspoon three times a day

. Infusion of flowers is also possible to make a poultice, if your joints ache. As follows: attach soaked in the infusion (slightly higher temperature than the body) tissue. Wrap yourself with the help of polyethylene, a warm scarf to hide the top, for example. Remove when cool down completely.

Can birch leaves (fresh) and "bandage" on the joint with a towel and leave for the night. This method is well relieves pain that accompanies arthritis.

Delay the onset of menopause helps lime tea. After 45 years it is possible to drink every woman within a month. Course - twice a year

. When fibroids such tea is useful to drink constantly.

In climacteric neuroses it is used three times a day? -1 Glass.

Lactation increases the infusion of lime kidney. How to cook: tablespoon brewed in half an hour in 200 milliliters of boiling water. Drink a glass before a meal.

To prepare a decoction for compresses with mastitis, poured boiling water 4 table spoons of flowers. Should boil for 15 minutes. Cool to body temperature. After straining the tea is added half a tablespoon of baking soda.

Linden decoction

Help lime buds and leaves:

Those who stock the summer linden buds, not afraid to be in the spring of beriberi. You just need to be added to the food (preferably in salads) a tablespoon of crushed kidneys.

In the treatment of metabolic disorders, renal infusion of lime well as an additional tool. How to prepare: a tablespoon of crushed buds (fresh), the Gulf of boiled water, you need to boil on low heat for 5 minutes, and then another hour to insist in the warmth. For half an hour before a meal you need to drink half a glass.

Alleviates and relieves the pain of gout poultice of renal. They should be scalded with boiling water and crushed into a "puree." Gruel is applied to the joint for about two hours each day, then the effect will be.

But the mush of fresh kidneys help with suppuration or furuncle. Putting on the affected area, you need to cover and wrap in cellophane. Apply morning and evening.

If you have problems with the kidneys, except for the use of linden tea is useful to take a steam bath with a broom from the leaves of the tree.

Additionally, you can attach to the back in the kidney area steaming the leaves and wrap the back polyethylene and something warm. Go to bed.

Note: All figures in publishing recommendations on the use of decoctions, infusions and other drugs prepared on the basis of lime, is recommended only after consultation with your doctor!


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