Features of energy people.


Man as a transit area for various types of energy. Most of the energy exchange between human beings and the outside world takes place in the background and people do not fix it. A man at some point can start watching this process, but experience shows that quickly goes out of this state.
There are different types of energy and how people react to the outside world. Some people take an all the energy that is felt all around. There are people who filtered power and allow only a certain quality.

1. For example, the first type will suit a person with a highly negative energy: bad thoughts, fatigue, depression, it will automatically deflate and leave it either to yourself, or reset through aggression on the other person. Such people do not control the quality of the energy they need any energy. They come in a variety of places and absorb all that "free" at the moment. So there is a framework of energy, neosoznovaemoe structure of the physical and mental bodies. Also, they can come and energy vampires, people who are already deliberately provoke others to discharge high quality or low-quality energy - through conversation, action, manipulation. A simple example, when working in a team can come subordinate to the head with fear and depression, head through the conversation can energize this energy and keep it or lose - to call another subordinate and by the cry to pass the baton. This type of people are coming to the stores or in public places and collect all the connections that are just there, they then form his desire, mood, physical and mental condition. Such type of people, regardless of whether they are initiated by the flow of energy or just take a row with all the energy of people - just need an endless stream of influences. Because stream can carry the energy of varying quality, and the condition of this kind of people is also very unstable.

2. The second type of people controls the energy transfer and the subconscious is configured in such a way that they filter out unwanted frequencies at the moment. Optionally, the filter can be on the low frequencies. The filter may also exist within the high frequency when a person deliberately narrows your world to a certain point, and filling it with energy flows in a certain frequency range - and when near such a person can start a conversation about the higher frequencies, the perception of the world, life, behavior, he can not perceive the spectrum and not just to understand what is at stake, because the karma at the moment he assumed a somewhat different experience. A simple example, when in the working team the company is talking at low energies, using foul language, or the discussion of entertainment poor quality, condemnation of others, and at this point may come a man who will express alternative views, and most likely, his point is not It will be accepted, because the people around there is a filter, and they build their world because they need at the moment (but can also be changed later, and even as a consequence of this conversation). Even if it is a person at higher frequencies convincing and infusion of energy in the space of a higher quality - are stable, people mostly come back after some time back to their frequency, including the fact that it is in store for them karmically, it is at the moment. Also comes with a filter at high frequencies, are people who filter passes only high frequency, getting passionate in public places or company, try not to miss these energies.

Quite a lot of energy types around, it's interesting to watch the nature of the effects on humans. A bad mood, like a virus, which is part of the human energy field - from neblagostnyh places, or after conflicts through conversation or action. Man - as a transit zone for different types of energy: energy as a poor black smoke can come in person, and yet he was not brought forth the man will be in a similar condition. Same with good energy.

Every day we feel the impact of a huge number of factors, each of which is a carrier-frequency energy. And every day in our part of this energy and we have it in yourself wear. Complicated by the fact, their status, experience regarding any event, while the situation may be much easier than it may seem, and as a whole, our "think" and "sees" very much tied to what some energy to build in us included, that we a carry. And each time enchants the eye when a person lets go of the idea that everything in his life is bad, and out from behind a dirty stream of energy that kept him in good shape. Thoughts cleaned and there are ideas. Literally every few minutes. It might not be the ideas and feelings of the joy of life ... and suddenly let go ...

As long as we do not record their condition and understand that for the most part, our consciousness, mood, evaluations, plans, mobility - the energies that we accept, and a bear, we will be in an endless pendulum and can not control your mind, body, mind, desires, life circumstances, relationships with people, plans.


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