Heading "cause of the disease." SAHASRARA.

Function of the chakras.


Sahasrara Chakra - the crown (where the baby fontanelle). This thousand-petalled lotus, the star of the prophets. This is the highest chakra, the center "of the administration of the Universe", the center of creative peace-building.

Sahasrara - the ability to control, to balance, to create, to be a god, omniscient, omnipresent, and manage complex mechanism - the government, the ministry, religious tradition, scientific direction, conduct the orchestra, to build palaces and cities. The greatest prophets - Buddha, Confucius, Jesus, Mohammed, and the greatest policy - from Caesar to Napoleon, as well as Lenin, Mao, and villains such as Hitler, Qin Shi Huang-- all had strong Sahasrara, which allows them to manage the enormous popular masses or define a cultural way of peoples to hundreds and thousands of years.

Sahasrara is associated with purple. Voice - ordering, impressive, or insight, prophetic, inspires immediate obedience.

Man on the Sahasrara chakra itself becomes a little Creator, he loses the sense of boundaries between themselves and the universe, and constantly updates the active world, and the world itself is subject to him naturally follow his path. Another property Sahasrara - great confidence in the world, like the child's trust. Thus, higher creativity is associated with higher confidence - the boundaries between man and the world disappear in both directions. How can a person make peace, and the world can do person. Sahasrara sometimes temporarily reopened during severe accidents - if a man gives himself to fate and hope for God's help. Sahasrara - a chakra of the newborn immediately perceives the world. A creative impact on the world of a strong man is only possible in a state of complete openness.

Energy Sahasrara - a special quality, which are sometimes deprived of even the sages.

Sahasrara is not always offer the wise, strong, kind, loving and fair. Sometimes Sahasrara does not have enough support at the bottom - on the Ajna, Vishuddha, Anahata, and "prophet" is deprived of full harmony.

Oppression and instability in the central chakra - Manipura and Anahata - creates the greatest villains, violent and ruthless tyrants. Sahasrara artificial stimulation also leads to serious mental disorders.

Sahasrara Chakra is associated with the pineal gland, which controls the hypothalamus.

Disclosure Sahasrara Chakra - is the highest achievement of ways to improve the chakras. To Sahasrara was strong and stable, requires a lot of effort, a lot of years and a lot of rebirth. Chinese and Indian religious schools contain practice of meditation and self-development for the disclosure of Sahasrara, but a full understanding beyond words - it honed over thousands of years traditions. Connecting to the traditions avoids many years of fruitless searching - but does not always guarantee success.

But we are buried in the daily hustle and bustle, we can not even imagine what kind of worlds open at improving his mind, the possibility of which is truly unlimited. Let alone think it - closer to God, others - that this heavenly bliss, and others - Nirvana, the fourth - Immortality. What will happen next path - show the path itself.
Based on Vladimir Anatolyevich Sazonov.
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Diseases and conditions associated with Sahasrara:

Marfan's disease;
The right and left sides of the body;
Natural defects and genetic diseases;
"Incurable disease".


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