Heading "the causes of illnesses." Ajna

Function of the chakras.


Anatomically Ajna associated with the brain, eyes, frontal and maxillary sinuses, nose, upper teeth.

Ajna is inhibited when a person is too often "sinks" and wasting energy. "Retraction", in fact - a waste of energy of attention. For example, you "sink" Now that you currently do at home. Your attention is drawn to the energy of the house - part of the energy Ajna is outside you. If a person has a tendency to "sink" for many things at once, or at all inclined to "ceasing", the first of his overexcited Ajna, and then, after the expenditure of energy becomes steadily oppressed. This can lead to various headaches obtuse nature. In general, headaches are of a different nature: pressing, throbbing, sharp, dull, and so on. D. The reasons are different. Migraines are associated with Ajna overexcited, but more often they are associated with svadhisthana - namely a situation where the energy begins to fall in Swadhisthana Ajna.

Dull headache, and all kinds of clouding of consciousness, the state of incoordination, a condition where a person sat down and "fall" (he did not hesitate, because when a person thinks, his eyes were active, but in this state, his eyes empty) - all of these conditions are associated with inhibition Ajna.

Specific syndrome in the Ajna - a state of discontent, which is expressed through it. Dissatisfaction can be expressed in different ways: through the Anahata (the offense), Vishudha (grumbling, criticizing). Can it be expressed and through Ajna, one specifically "askance" looking at the world: "My eyes are used have not seen you." As a rule, such a state of "hits" on the maxillary sinus and causes of sinusitis, sinusitis and loss, decay of the upper teeth. Sometimes there are also people who have bad upper teeth and the lower well. This is usually due to the fact that a person "up" dissatisfied, and Manipur normal because the lower teeth are more concerned with Manipur, and the top - with the Ajna.

There is an interesting specific syndrome associated with Ajna. This syndrome "nedoplakannosti." A man and a child often instilled in childhood - crying badly, you have to hide their feelings. Emotions, more emotional energy stand out, but do not leave the body and deposited in the muscles associated with the corresponding chakra. In this case - in Ajna. The tears did not cry, create gipernapryazheniya eye and some facial muscles, which often manifest themselves in the form of a DC voltage of the forehead: a feeling that the people all the time is a little nasuplen. Over time, due to constant blocking of emotions (although this emotion Anahata) Ajna oppressed. A person may experience headaches.

Setting "Used my eyes have not seen" can be incorporated in the form of an integrated program. For example, parents often repeat child "used my eyes have not seen you," and the child repeats all of the parents, and he, too, will this program, and He has not "see." So he told himself on the energy level is destroying the eyes, and along with the liver. Sometimes this disorder may lead to diabetes. There is a funny relationship: the liver is associated with the eyes, and the eyes with the liver.

Ajna (PART TWO).

The sixth chakra - the center of the forehead and the back of the head (Ajna in the center of the head).

Third Eye. Eyes. Vision problems due to some plants. Points - it is protection. World view - our view of the world and in this world, memory, experience, knowledge. Our picture of the world. World changes with experience.

Pain in the head - a self-criticism. My head aches, when we do that, according to our ideas do not have (does not fit into your picture of the world). For example - to tease, and think that being angry is bad. It will be a headache. Migraine - a constant self-criticism at the level of habit. Ears - the child does not want to hear something - power plug.

Source: Applied psihosmatika (body language).
(For reference to the source, please contact me in PM.)

Mantra - "Om." Triangle facing downward angle. The anatomical substrate Chakra - pineal gland. By projecting the vibration of the mantra "OM", you can unleash your third eye. The mantra "OM" - sacred. If you open the third eye, you become clairvoyant. You can repeat the mantra "OM" to himself. The right lobe of the chakras is called "HA" left - "TCA." The right lobe - sunny yang, plus heat. Left - moon, yin, negative, cold. Right nostril - yang, the left - yin. Right nostril - the solar wind, the left - the lunar breath.

Ajna (PART ONE).

Ajna Chakra - the palace of knowledge. This is the sixth chakra, located in the head ("third eye"), it is - Center sverhintuitsii, universal, deep-seated ideas about the universe. Strong Ajna - a knowledge of absolutely everything to the last detail, knowing without thinking and without emotional experiences.

Color - blue, voice - resonating in the skull, calm, thoughtful, confident.

Ajna Chakra - the ability to see outside, as it were, organize knowledge to lay out, structure, but the skills - unconscious, was carried out without the images, emotions, reactions, reasoning, t. E. Itself.

Ajna works hard and consistently at the big life experience - then the man, it turns out, knows much more than what he had seen and experienced in your life. Intuition tells him the decision in situations in which he had never visited. He knows "everything", sees even the little things, details, inter alia, that he could not meet before. With a strong chakra can accurately predict the future, you can see what's happening with other people, you can "guess" the values ​​of incomprehensible words in a foreign language. Sometimes Ajna opens in the elderly, they are called wise men, they follow advice from afar, and they know everything about every - even a short conversation with a wise old man can make a difference, to help in the difficult task. A man of knowledge can cure the disease, which is not heard nothing before he can get to the ancient science and understand it only in a few words from an old book.

In addition to the information that we perceive directly realize and feel, there is also information perceived automatically, bypassing the sphere of the brain responsible for the interaction of the outside world - the peripheral information. If intelligence is developed within the folded structure and the ability to absorb the peripheral information, and the person is involuntarily knowledgeable about more than what he had seen and what they learned. Ajna Chakra - a unit of intellectual perception of the world as a whole, the ability to see the world's inner structure. The ability to automatically retrieve information from the subtle planes.

Ajna developed artificially - under the influence of exercise, or the means, and not based on sufficient life experience, can lead to severe mental disorders, in particular - to schizophrenia. Powerful intelligence unit without release, refers to the ugly experience of everyday experiences and unstable inner world, it tries to combine, structure, summarize. As a result, a person is wrapped up, concentrated on a personal attitude, and eventually detached from the world, acts inappropriately situation, finding a delicate balance. Strong concentration on the one-sided world view makes a person unknown to others and interfere with communication. However, with knowledge, such a person can seriously affect the world and cause considerable damage.

Ajna is associated with the hypothalamus, it is associated with the "third eye" - the point between the eyebrows, it goes to the back of the head in a hole, recess.

Ajna is in need of the power of the lower chakras. Man with Ajna and Manipur could explain his knowledge to others, to present them in a book, lecture, lead a group of students. The man with the ajna and vishudha can highlight important in knowledge, to feel that knowledge to other imaginative examples, structure of knowledge, and to formulate the laws of physics. Ajna combined with Anahata - complete harmony of intellectual and emotional perception of the world, the ability to link the structure of the world with music, beauty, it's also the depth, richness of art.

On the contrary, when the Ajna chakra has a lower volatility severe consequences, or causes imbalances in development. Ajna without Anahata - a strategist gloomy, gloomy genius, overwhelming, neglecting the beautiful side of the world.


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