Three more protection in addition to the post of "Methods of protection" Shell.

It is necessary to imagine that you are inside outstretched, as mussel shells. Rear flap fastened, front open. Length dimension: the top - the sash over his head 30 - 40 cm., The bottom - below the knee. Shell valves need not be narrow in which case the body will be open. Shell is constructed in proportion to their physique. In a small shell will work closely, large shell - extra weight.

When building shells need to train as follows: a few times to open, close, open and then abruptly shut the flap. Then you can do it with your eyes closed. When cotton has a feeling as if the shoulders go forward, even though they are in place. This is an indication that the mental images constructed correctly. Shell is always open and is only closed in the event of protection. After 3 - 5 days of such exercises shell grows in the shoulder meridian and already it is not necessary to touch. In the future, it is necessary to think about it at least once a month, it is desirable to watch it once a day. While shell is not grown into the energy body, you need to remember it and train. For example, if someone looked bad, close the shell. Subsequently shell will operate in the automatic mode, and, if necessary, snap itself, but it can be closed is not more than four hours. Shell passes through a positive energy. In a side-impact energy, the shell does not destroy possible because the greater the pressure, the greater wall thickness is increased, the seal is created at their heaviness.
Protecting the "metallic cylinder»
Bioenergy protection. Imagine that you are on a metal disc. Then cover yourself mentally large metal bowl that fits snugly to the bottom surface of the disc. Should develop in his belief that the metal will reflect any adverse impact energy. Modification of this protection "cylinder without a bottom," so as not to interrupt the connection with the earth and the cosmos. Protection set for a while, until one day.
Protection "Ball»
Bioenergy protection. Create a mentally ball around him, such a "bubble", then fill it, bluish, silvery or golden energy, give yourself installation, as long as you are within the "sphere", you will not able to get.
Protection "Sun»
Bioenergy protection. Imagine yourself inside the solar sphere, warm, radiant. You must convince yourself that all the evil in the approach you burn in its rays. And all the good easily penetrates.


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