How is the negative energy?

A method of transmitting a lot of negative energy. We analyze the most common in our latitudes. Normally the picture is as follows. The wizard establishes a connection with the victim of some kind (in a manner mentioned above), while before sending a negative program, establishes so-called "rapport" and the people "sucker."

At the end of the XIX century rapport described as a sort of "mental cable" - a hose through which a sorcerer can be injected into the victim (or suck at it) whatever he pleases, and in unlimited quantities. In this case, all hope for an experienced psychic, able to break the pernicious link. With sucker sorcerer can send and receive not only energy, but also the whole reasonable, vibration free, energy-information substance (essence), which tend to have a program of destruction. These field structures live in a liquid medium of the human body and lead porazitichesky lifestyle. They feed on human energy and slowly but surely performed the wizard program.
For example, "larva", - against the will of a man makes him immensely to drink hard liquor, which sooner or later leads to a certain result. Of course, if this person is not aware of their immoral and harmful to society for health behavior and will come to an experienced kosmoenergetu appointment ... But as a rule, a miracle happens. The consciousness of these people obscured the essence of which is as "Universal Soldier" to the end of fulfilling its task. In these cases, the victim persuade useless. Also aggression in his address that does not wait.


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