Methods of protection.

Uneversalnoy power protection, for you will be the one in which you will be one hundred percent sure. If you are not confident in their defense - it always "strikes." Reliability of protection is directly proportional to your confidence in it. In addition, the choice of protection, I suggest to stay at one of them, the one that suits you the most understandable and acceptable.
In this section, you are presented with a number of different methods of energy protection, all of which, without exception, require developments. Protection built representation (mental images) power structures.
Imagination Wall
Bioenergy protection. If you communicate with the person, after communicating with whom you feel like every time weakened and depressed, imagine that you are separated from it by a transparent wall. This kind of program for his own subconscious. Once the subconscious mind turns to the work, carrying out this program, all of the negative impact on the energy you will be stopped. Let me remind you once again that form the wall in his imagination, it is desirable in an altered state of consciousness. In this state, the subconscious mind is easier to accept your commands.
Imagination mirror
Bioenergy protection. Talking with someone who makes you uncomfortable, imagine that stands between you mirrored wall. The mirror should be placed so that the source would be seen as a reflection. Thus, the fiery clots that fly to your address reflected from the mirror and returned to the source. Studies have shown that when a person is protected by providing a mirror image of this gets into the subconscious mind of the aggressor, which gets back to its negative energy. Thus imaginary mirror is capable to repel an aggressor. Using this method, you will notice that the aggressor or goes silent or switch to another target.
Whirlpool protection
Bioenergy protection. This method is recommended to be used only in special cases, as it partially used stihialnye energy.
In a standing position, put your hands up, imagine that through them penetrate into the body downdrafts energy (from space - from top to bottom). At the same time, imagine that through the legs include updrafts energy (from the earth - from the bottom up). These two streams are found in the body at the level of the navel and wrapped in a vortex clockwise. Whirlwind spins up more and more, becoming more and more. Soon it completely covers the whole body and you feel that revolves around you glowing cocoon, which throws away all the negative and negative.
Protection "Mirror Wall»
Bioenergy protection. Imagine that from all sides and the top wall surrounds you with bricks in a row or more. Outside this wall is covered with a continuous layer polished to a high gloss mirror, facing outward. And from whatever side hitter may try to attack you, he will get reflected back. Or receiving a "mirror wall", try in any case not to betray his intentions.
The man who is trying to have a negative impact on, should not guess that you use special protection. Seeing your tranquility and friendliness, it will increase each time because of their impacts, respectively, in response to receiving the blows even greater force. As a result, he is tired of this fruitless struggle, certainly refuse to continue their attempts. This method is popular and proven effective. Unfortunately, no effect on mages.
Protection "Energy cocoon»
Bioenergy protection. Sit in a comfortable position, put your right foot on the left, join hands. Then mentally (you can help in a circular motion of the head), starting with the soles, gradually climbing up the spiral, build around a rotating circular flows of energy, tightens them over the head until it is locked "cocoon". Energy flows must be compact. Guide the movement of energy in a clockwise direction.


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