The practice of working with money fears.

1. Make a list of what needs money - for a month: name - the sum.
2. Calculate the overall result - remember it. Before going to bed make visualization:
3. Imagine the door - very beautiful, what can imagine.

Go to it! You are in the Magic City. Follow the path, enjoy the beautiful views, until you get to the Universal Bank. Look at it. Be aware of the immensity of the Ecumenical benefits and that they are all at your disposal. Come inside. Come to the table on which lay the blank checks. Take one. Write on it: I have (the amount that you need), for which (if possible, as accurately as possible, list), the money will be for as long as I want and even more! Sign and date! Go to the window and give the check to the cashier. Come out of the Bank. Thank the universe for the help! Know what your intention is already being implemented!
4. In full confidence in the universe and with the knowledge that everything will be as you want and even better - go to sleep peacefully!

Number of days for re-rendering - is not limited. Make it as long until you feel a state of complete trust to the world that everything is best for you way!
Vadim Zeland


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