Set of energy from the sun.

Stand facing the sun, turn to him the open hands and recite the mantra, referring to the sun as a living understand the existing god who gives light and life to all living on Earth:

Om Namah BhaskarAyya!
Om Namah MarichAye!
Om Namah SaavItre!
Om Namah Suur!
Om Namah AgnAye!
Om Namah BhanAve!
Om Namah MitrAye!
Uppercase vowel - stress. Double vowel - long. Ha - barely audible, more like an exhalation.
Sanskrit scholar may begin to resent that I have something not so recorded. I'm certainly not an expert in Sanskrit, but all these mantras I've heard from the lips of those who knew how to pronounce them correctly - this is the first, and secondly, I write about what works for me. Perhaps you, too, will work.
1) thank cause of the light!
2) Radiant Glory!
3) Praise the Creator!
4) Thank Cause activity!
5) Thank inner fire!
6) Thank spread light!
7) Thank Loving all!
The word "glory" still means "I welcome" or "I worship." In general, "Namah" - a joyful welcome to God, which is called in some of its aspects. Try to pronounce each mantra several times - usually 3, 7 or 21 - and choose the one that gives the greatest response.
The practice also select themselves, each fit something different: at dawn, when the sun coldish not prove themselves to their full capacity, but giving impetus to the activity; day when it is in the most power; at sunset, when it is warm and gives hope for the future. In general, it is better to look at it with your eyes open, but during the day it can be problematic. Can try to squint or close your eyes at all: it is important to establish contact with him, so make it better, but take care of your eyes.
This practice actually gives energy, albeit slowly. That it is valuable that even the sick person who is unable to do other practices, get a little bit of energy, and it can push him to recovery.


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