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The solar plexus is sort of the brain of the stomach, and ajna plexus, which is located between the eyebrows, forms a spiritual centre and is, so to speak, the inner eye of intuition, which actually is the spiritual eye through which you can anticipating to watch in the world of thoughts and feelings.Is it possible to energize both the center and fill them a positive force? First refer to the ajna center. All Indian sages agree about the benefits that brings with it the awakening Agni.

Quote: "This is a great light that is kept secret in all the Holy Scriptures, by dipping the yogi receives an unusual spiritual powers. The yogī who is constantly immersed in the contemplation of ajna Lotus (centre), is exempt from the powerful bondage of desires and rejoices in the consciousness of happiness. The value of immersion in the Lotus cannot be fully described." But the recommendation is suitable for yogis who in the course of the day the clock can indulge in such exercises; we, the Europeans, as people are very busy and hurrying can of course spend a lot of time to reach the desired success.Similarly to our lifestyles affect climate, food, traditions and environment, so different from the Indian. Therefore we need other methods.

There is a great opportunity with the appropriate exercises in concentration to come to surprising results if you do these exercises in homeopathic doses, and the result is better than moderate their use.


Sit back (not leaning against the backrest) on a chair, on a stool better. The back should be straight and upright. Now, eyes closed, breathe more quietly and slowly through the nose and allow the breath to fill your chest that it rose.During inhalation, say to yourself: "I breathe in strength and peace."

Hold your breath for approximately five seconds and imagine how the mid-point between your eyebrows threaded light. It all depends on how vividly imagine a beautiful, warm, Golden-yellow glow in the Ajna.If you do manage at least two or three seconds to create the Ajna like a light, those two or three seconds it will give you many hours during the day exceptional peace of mind and confidence in all your actions. Gloomy doubts, passionate and destructive feelings and waves of thoughts are suppressed during the day.

Ajna plexus, in a sense, is like a magnet, which smooths out the "soothing" sound recordings, and with proper exposure can erase it at all. Ajna particularly strong effect on the consciousness.Here helps the following comparison. Thanks to the habit of constantly repeating and renewing certain transitions of thought and sensory presentation of our subconscious, having undergone this experience, "nagovarivaete" the same as "slander" tape, making her the record.Was already mentioned that the ajna center is like a magnet and as the magnet can erase the recording on the tape, and ajna can repay conscious negative patterns, "irritating place."

For the blinding light of energy that can be awakened at ajna-chakra, such baser passions, as fear, Intrusive view, etc, be only a vague shadow, fading before the power of the ajna plexus.With this exercise, it is important not to strain the body, but to produce it in the mind, in the view.When you will accompany the above statement "I am breathing in strength and peace"the concept of light sensation in the Ajna, you will definitely feel the change in your consciousness, and after thirty or forty days of classes (exercise is recommended twice a day, but each time no more than three minutes) will experience a profound peace of mind which will manifest itself in increasing nerve force.

After three months of exercises with the ajna center contact to the solar plexus.As you know, every disappointment, every trouble are on the stomach. In such situations you feel in the stomach a dull pressure, which is seen, for example, when gastritno inflammation or other excited States. Very sensitive people can even feel that they like pushing fist into the gastric cavity.All the waves of feelings and sensations pass through the solar plexus, and the slightest mental irritation, especially criticism and nitpicking, act on it immediately. This effect is always harmful, as in this case, the solar plexus (manipura-chakra) can not direct a sufficient flow of power to the autonomic nervous system. So at least for three months need daily to do this exercise three to five minutes.


This exercise can be done not only relaxing, lying down, but on the street during my morning walks, during class, simply on the go or sitting at home in a comfortable chair. Inhale very slowly through your nose and mentally say: "I breathe in, together with prana strength, health and happiness down to the solar plexus". After these words, slowly exhale and try to feel that now, indeed, your solar plexus is filled with strength, health and joy.When performing this exercise it is important to do it mentally rather than a physical way. The exercise should be repeated several times a day, and even for him there are no restrictions.

You can repeat it as often as you wish until it is rooted deep in your subconscious.You may ask: from which it will be seen that my subconscious is really responding to this exercise? You will notice this when your thoughts enter the ever-growing inspiration, which will be expressed in increased physical and mental shape. Over time you will come to the fact that unwittingly you will this way apply to the solar plexus in the so-called "empty moments", "dips", during which you feel tired and unhappy, or your brain refuses to work.

If, for example, after an unpleasant conversation with your boss you feel tense or your nerves are overexcited for any other reason, dismiss all the thoughts and patterns that caused your grief, and move on to the next exercise:


In perhaps a more relaxed position lying, sitting or standing, it makes no difference, relax your body, and then possibly push your chest and breathe in deeply through your nose so that the movement was only a stomach. Hold it in this position the chest is possible still.Now fold both hands together and put them on the solar plexus above the stomach. Place the relaxed tongue at the lower teeth, hold the air for five seconds and then push it through a tight how to whistle, folded lips, small portions every three to five seconds, so that after each sharp exhale of air was delayed. When the air is completely released from the lungs, again, take a deep breath and, making a delay of five seconds, and again exhale the air in small portions. Repeat the exercise three to five times.

This exercise is an excellent remedy for insomnia, nervous tension, anxiety and other mental ailments. In conclusion of this Chapter we want to give you three exercises that will have an extremely beneficial effect on your entire nervous system.


Become straight, stretch your arms forward, then, breathing the air, slowly bend your arms, bringing the brush to the shoulders. When moving the arms clenched his fists and simultaneously tense the muscles so that when the fists reach the shoulders, you felt a tremor. This movement should be completed at the end of the breath. Then extend your arms with clenched fists forward dramatically and quickly return them to the shoulders.

Repeat this movement three or four times, exhale. Then lower your arms, relax them, and slowly exhale.The effectiveness of this exercise depends on how quickly bend and straighten arms. It is important that these movements were not convulsive. In particular, the breath should always be conducted non-violent, i.e. you should not hold the breath so that the blood rushed to my head.

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