Wonderful trout — how to cook fish Siberians

Among the fish salmon trout can be called a giant: she lives – if possible – more than 30 years, and grow life. In Russia, taimen is found in different regions – from the Russian North to the Far East; it is in the Altai and in Kazakhstan. In our time is considered to be the largest trout weighing about 60-80 kg, but met before and larger individuals: in 40-e years of the XX century in one of the rivers of Krasnoyarsk region have caught the six-foot taimen weighing more than 100 kg Modern large sea trout are able to kick the man out of the boat with his tail, so anglers should be careful – even experienced fishermen cope with them not always.

Color trout bright silvery, with the spots, but during the spawning period, his skin becomes copper-red. Most fish like to live in the Northern rivers and especially in large, but in the Arctic ocean it is not found – not suitable to power the polar summer.

Trout, like other salmonids, fish commercial, and catch it without permission is prohibited. To obtain permission you can sometimes, but not all regions; lovers give permission, the relevant local authority – usually the trout are caught on spinning.

The composition and use of fish, the troutCannot be called part of the trout rich, but it is, for what so appreciate all kinds of salmon. Polyunsaturated fatty acids (Pufas), including omega-3 and complete protein, is digested much easier than meat protein. More trout contains vitamin PP, macro-elements sulfur and chlorine, trace elements Nickel and molybdenum in small quantities, chromium, and fluorine – more of them, and zinc – he is quite rich. But calories — although other members of the salmon is known for its calorie, trout small – only 88 kcal per 100 grams.

Between the muscles of the trout are fat, so its meat is tender. This fat, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, and makes the trout healthy product. Fat trout melted from his giblets, seasoned mashed potatoes, boiled pasta, and cereals: it is more useful sunflower oil and has no specific "fish" smell.

The fish caught during spawning, is unlikely to be very fat in this period is quickly consumed. In General, the trout is considered a fish of average fat content, but experts note that it is no less tasty than the salmon. The most nutritious is the trout in middle age, not too young and not old.

How to cook troutof Course, the most interesting to learn about the culinary and dietary properties of trout. One of the best ways of preparing is considered to be moderate Ambassador that the meat retained a lot of valuable – with the trout can be prepared appetizers, salads, etc.

"Author" the Siberian fishermen dish is the broth called "crystal". For him, taking only the heads and fins of the fish, and cook them — usually on high heat until tender – about 15 minutes. The resulting broth is cool, strain, add raw egg white, slightly pressed caviar – the broth becomes transparent — a few pods of hot pepper and dill. The crystal broth is eaten with a spoon, and drink mugs of scooping it directly from the pot, with crackers or crispbread bit of sugar. This broth can be prepared the "elite" soup, add chunks of trout, salmon, trout, sturgeon and other fish, called "noble".

Head taimen in Siberia, too, eat, and completely, as well as the inners, and it's interesting – usually the guts of the fish we throw away. But, as head, is, if the trout is very fresh. Gutted fish washed not only the heart and liver, but also cleared the stomach and swim bladder, and fry it all in butter, with seasonings and salt to taste, until crisp.

If you bought a trout frozen, better boil it or cook it on the grill. For boiling you need to take quite big and fat fish. It cut into large pieces, pour salt water and cook 20 minutes on low heat with carrots, chopped onions, parsley, peas of black and fragrant pepper and Bay leaf. Served hot with baked potatoes or green salad, leek, onion and garlic. If you like cold fish, it will approach the Russian table horseradish and grilled mushrooms.

Barbecue trout fry, too large pieces, salt and ground allspice, periodically basting with melted butter. Served with garlic, scallions and any fresh vegetables – it turns out very tasty.

Good and oven baked trout: it can be baked with mustard seeds, salt and pepper. Fillet of fresh fish cut into steaks, thickness of about 3 cm and a weight of slightly less than 100 For 2 steak together thickly strew mustard seeds – a portion, and then the breadcrumbs with chopped parsley. Fish are placed in the form, put thin slices of butter and put in the oven, preheated to 180°C. Bake for recommended time – 7-9 minutes, and serve.

Smoked trout is a delicacy. You can smoke it even without special tools. Usually already salty smoked trout, but can be hot smoked and fresh, and then to salt, pepper is – as someone like that. Not thick the fillets are attached to wooden Board – for cutting, and have near the fire – the smoke should envelop the fish entirely. In a fire well add juniper branches. After an hour the fish is ready.

Taimen slim figure andWhat is the role of trout in losing weight? Timeaway diet you are unlikely to find, although salmon diet is known, for example, it shares with the General public Hollywood celebrity Julia Roberts. Salmon help the star to always be in shape and to prevent sagging skin and wrinkles, which is not surprising: the high content of Pufas omega-3, leading to normal levels of cholesterol and protects our cells, making salmon the perfect product of youth and beauty. In the diet are mineral water, oatmeal, lettuce, apples and walnuts; salmon adds to every meal, boiled, steamed or grilled for Breakfast and dinner – 100 g for dinner – 250 g. upon awakening, it is necessary to drink mineral water – not less than 350 ml.

Trout is one of the least nutritious fish among the salmon, so that it during this diet within 3-4 days, you can eat more, 200-350 g – if you wish. A fresh herbs and salads from the vegetables enhance the beneficial properties of trout – this diet allows you to forget about depression and bad mood.

Author: Galina Gataulina

Source: www.inmoment.ru/beauty/health-body/fish-trout.html


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