Fish on the grill

Fish on the grill β€” charcoal, grill, barbecue, charcoal grill, or just skewers of fish. This is everyone's favorite way of cooking so many names... What could be better than fresh fish cooked on the grill, with the smell of fragrant smoke warm day? While cooking on a charcoal grill-barbecue fish is smoked at the same time thanks to the splint which is placed on the coals.

Rainbow trout on the grill Fish on the grill: what?

For cooking on the grill any fish of medium or large size. The average fish is better to cook on the grill and the coals as a whole (mackerel, sea bass, trout, haddock, carp, herring), and large β€” portioned, fillets or steaks (salmon, tuna). Soft and tender fish that falls apart quickly (e.g. cod), it is better to prepare in a special steel barbecue grills. The fish is placed inside such lattices and is well preserved in the cooking process on the grill.

We noticed that is particularly suitable for cooking on the grill inexpensive freshwater fish, which is not so good if you cook it differently. Smoking in the cooking process on the barbecue adds freshwater fish bright and rich taste. I do best on the grill rainbow trout.

How to cook fish on the grill

The first stage of preparation for cooking fish on a charcoal grill is to soak the chips. Soak wood chips in water should be 3 hours before cooking fish. There are recipes with the soaking wood chips in wine, but for fish it seems to us unnecessary, although you can try. Soaking the chips is necessary that it is not burnt immediately on hot coals. Traditionally, fish use chips such species as alder, Apple, cherry, peach, beech and Hickory (pecan).

The coals for the barbecue and kindle about 45 minutes before cooking the fish, so they burned and provides stability lower than for meat, the temperature for a certain time, until the fish is smoked and prepared.

Do I need a marinade for fish on the grill?

Of course, it's up to you. In our opinion, fresh food tasty by themselves and require no marinating. So we take out the fish from the fridge half an hour before cooking (depending on weather) and process it to a minimum and only with the beginning of grilling (do not salt the fish beforehand, so that it remains juicy on the grill). Fish for cooking on the grill needs to be cleaned (to avoid parasites in fish, you should either just buy shelled fish, or asking sellers to clean the fish for you before purchasing, or to clean the fish immediately home). I coated the fish with olive oil and sprinkle coarse salt inside and out (salt is better kept at oil). Inside the fish I put slices of lemon and fennel. We have fennel growing in the garden and is an excellent garnish for fish. Nothing more is needed, because fish is a rich flavor from the smoked while cooking on the grill.

Cooking fish on the grill

Place the fish on the grate of the grill (barbecue), where it will be warm from the embers (but not direct flames) and Kapitsa the smoke from the chips. Keep the lid of your BBQ grill closed. From time to time stir up the coals to maintain a high temperature.

Cook medium-sized fish, without turning, that it did not break. Big fish can be neatly flipped once to ready it evenly on each side. Time cooking fish on the grill depends on fish size, temperature on the grate of the BBQ grill, as well as the degree of readiness of the fish that you like. Tuna eaten in half-baked form, the fillets should be cooked quickly at a high temperature only on the surface ("sealed"). Salmon, halibut, flatfish, blue Marlin, swordfish, eel and yellowtail can be eaten with raw, if you are completely sure of their freshness and absence of parasites. All these fish are the traditional ingredients for sushi and sashimi. Other species of fish better fry until tender, but do not overdo them on the grill to the inside of preserved juice.



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